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International stripper exotic pole nude & lap dancer jobs agency

Busama Entertainment are a premier International stripper exotic pole nude & lap dancer jobs agency, and we are based in Phuket, Thailand. We specialize in providing house dancers into 5 star Gentlemen’s clubs around the world. Are you an entertainer and looking for Exotic dancing, Lap Dancing jobs or pole dancing jobs?  We are always hiring all year round and we always need dancers to join our Agency. The clubs and venues that partner with us are located all around the world. We only work with the most classy clubs to give our entertainers a choice of only the best dancing jobs and vacancies . Our partner clubs contact us and they pay us to provide entertainers to their clubs. Our International stripper exotic pole nude & lap dancer jobs agency has hundreds of nude dancing jobs all around the world so we recommend that you contact us for some more details. If you have ever done this kind of work before, we are always happy to work with beginners and many of the clubs we represent, will provide basic pole dancing courses and money making techniques for free. We would like to bring as many stripper exotic pole nude & lap dancers to Australia, New Zealand, The USA and all our other clubs as possible.

By the start of 2016 we need at least 150 new dancers per week just to keep up with the demand from our partner clubs. The strip club industry in Australia and around the world is booming and we are excited to tell you that we now have award winning clubs working with our International stripper exotic pole nude & lap dancer jobs agency. Here are just a few of our partner club locations, Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth), New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch), we also now work with clubs in the USA in Tampa Florida , Louisiana, Long island New York City, Indiana, Los Angeles & Washington DC & West Virginia. Cape Town in South Africa is another one of our great locations, and in Europe, we work with clubs in  Poland, Geneva & Zurich in Switzerland and now also Munich, Malta, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Mexico and the best clubs in Paris. Check out our clubs section on this website for more information. If you are a stripper exotic pole nude & lap dancer or hostess who likes to travel and make money then we are the agency for you. We are your passport to dancing jobs all over the world and we help you make your dancer jobs and hostess jobs search very easy, by providing the information for all of our clubs on one website. We want to help you secure and arrange your booking, and once you join us you will have easy booking access to clubs all over the world. If you are a club owner or manager please go to our Hire a Dancer page and give us your details. We provide a FREE recruitment and jobs service and a safe travel environment, and we help you with step of the booking process.
Our International stripper exotic pole nude & lap dancer jobs agency, does not take any percentage of your money, the clubs pay us. All we ask is that you contact us each time you want to book some dancing work in one of our clubs and let us arrange your booking for you, that way we all get paid, sounds fair right!

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If you are a club owner or Manager and you are looking for some assistance to get some dancers or hostesses into your venue, let us know.

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We would love it if you could tell all your dancer friends about us. We are a great agency to work with and we have a great team of Entertainment Consultants.

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We always have a lot of beautiful experienced gogo dancers asking us for jobs, so if you own or manage a club and need gogo dancers, let us know

Dancer feedback

  • Thank you so much! I'm very happy, I'm making the money your website says you could make, I like the people, the weather is perfect. I'm very satisfied working for your agency! Again thank you very much.

    April Exotic Dancer
  • Thank you for everything you guys at Busama Entertainment. Tomorrow will be my last night. I worked 24 nights at the club, every night they were open. I liked working at Calendar Girls: the girls are really nice, the management is quiet professional and the money was good.

    Claudia Exotic Dancer
  • Thanks to the team at Busama Entertainment. My time at Love & Rockets Petrie Tce was great, very classy club, good management and decent money! I would definitely go back if I travel back to Brisbane (and will of course book through you)

    Porscha Exotic Dancer
  • Hi team Busama Entertainment, I am now travelling Thailand for a month or so, but have left my belongings with the club, so my intentions are to return in late Feb. and work for an extra week before moving on to Auckland.  Management was great at the club, nice environment and a pleasure.

    Victoria Exotic Dancer
  • Hey Busama Team. Having a great time so far, girls and club are lovely and made $750 dollars today which is like 450 pounds so I'm happy with that :) Would definitely recommend this club to all the girls.

    Phoenix Exotic Dancer

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