A few things to remember about exotic dancers before you go into a Gentlemen’s Club

Before I became an agent for international exotic dancers, I was a customer in many gentlemen’s clubs and I have also worked in many amazing clubs in my life. It was always painful to see how men behaved in these clubs. Guys getting drunk or just sitting around and thinking they can score with the girls and take them home or make them their new girlfriend. I still get a laugh out of watching guys do it. Part of being a successful exotic dancer, is the ability to be a great actor, they make the customer feel amazing about themselves, they make you feel like they want you, they make you horny, and then they bleed you of your cash haha. Men usually lose their minds and think with their dicks and that is the whole point. But remember, before you think badly about these dancers; just ask yourself, if they are not so smart, then why are you leaving with an empty wallet? Please consider these few things the next time you plan to go into a strip club, you might have a totally different experience.

1. At least buy a few drinks and dance or 2, or more. You are going into a work place for entertainers, they are there to make money, so be courteous and spend a little bit of money. Don’t just go in there and sit at the bar and watch TV and tell the girls to go away if they approach you trying to make some money.

2.  The least you could do is buy a dancer a drink if she comes over to you, especially if you want her to sit with you for a while. If you have no plans in drinking or spending any money on the dancers, make sure you tell them politely, there is no need to be rude about it and tell them abruptly.

3. It is a golden rule in a gentlemen’s club that if you are sitting at the stage, you should be tipping the dancers. The whole point of sitting stage side is to get up close and personal with the performer, the girls are usually working hard to get tipped, and to just sit and be a stingy prick is just not good form at all. Spend a little money and see how much more fun you have.

4. The girls are there to make money, don’t get pissed off if they don’t want to stay and sit with you if you are not going to get into the spirit and spend some money, they might like talking to you, but they are at work and will go to where the money is. So spend some money.

5. Depending on the club and the city or country the club is in, the rules can vary greatly. There are some clubs that do not allow the customers to touch the girls at all, but there are others that allow some touching. Generally the dancer is in control of the level of contact that she allows the customer, be mindful of where you are and what you are doing, don’t be a dickhead and go in expecting to get sex and trying to grope the dancer, you will just embarrass yourself and get kicked out.  Being nice to people goes a long way. Just sit back and let the dancer do her thing.

6. Please don’t ask for their phone numbers – the dancers are at work, they are not there to date you or to be your girlfriend, no matter how hot you think you are. Treat the dancers with respect.

7. If you want good service, tip the staff, throw a little money around that keeps everyone happy, you will have a great night because you are getting awesome service.

8. For fuck sake have a shower and get dressed up before you go into a club, and put on some deodorant. The girls look good, smell good, why would they approach you if you smell like a sweaty dead animal and have grease or dirt all over you from work.

9. Please don’t get too fucked up drunk when you are in the club. The last thing anyone needs is to have to take care of you, or if you end up being sick on the floor and the staff have to call you a cab. When you wake up the next day and realize that you spent a lot of money, don’t blame the dancers or the club and say they stole from you. You probably don’t even remember what you did and odds are in favor of you and the fact that you spent it all willingly.

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