Busama Entertainment There are three kinds of Exotic dancers

Busama Entertainment have been booking exotic dancers in to clubs all over the world for many years and before that working in the clubs as Management and Security/ Dancer Manager Etc. We have [...]

Busama Entertainment-Should Exotic dancers book dancing jobs with an agent or not

The simple answer to this question is of course dancers don’t have to book their dancing jobs with an agent, dancers can just do their own research on destinations and clubs and apply directly to [...]

New clubs South Florida, San Diego, All international clubs ready for dancers

We recently did some marketing to clubs in the USA and we are really happy to let everyone know that we have a few new clubs on board to partner with us at Busama Entertainment. Florida is one of [...]


BAYWATCH BEACH PARTY- WE NEED 4 SUPER HOT BLONDE TANNED BOMBSHELLS WITH BIG BOOBS-One of our clients is a 5 star nightclub and one of the biggest in HONG KONG and they ask us to hire entertainers [...]

If you are an Exotic dancer from one of these countries get in touch with us, take a look

We get a lot of dancers from all over the world asking us if the clubs provide work visas, unfortunately we are not qualified to answer legal visa questions, but if you are a dancer from one of [...]

Calling all Exotic dancers that like to travel we have some news for you

International Gentlemen’s Clubs: CALLING ALL EXOTIC DANCERS THAT LIKE TO TRAVEL. Our quality partner clubs all over the world are always seeking new dancers to come and join them for as [...]

some nude dancing & stripper jobs clubs Brisbane Australia

For our Australian dancers, first timers to exotic dancing and for all of our international entertainers that are looking for jobs Bookings nude dancing and stripper jobs, we welcome you to come [...]

A few things to remember about exotic dancers before you go into a Gentlemen’s Club

Before I became an agent for international exotic dancers, I was a customer in many gentlemen’s clubs and I have also worked in many amazing clubs in my life. It was always painful to see how men [...]

Exotic dancing industry like the plague all over the world

The exotic dancing industry is treated like the plague by people all over the world. It never ceases to amaze me how prudish the majority of the population is. I have been working in the exotic [...]

Strippers Will Always Be In Demand

There is one thing certain in life, and that is that mens hormones will always ensure that the need for female strippers remains. Although you will seldom see adverts for stripper jobs in the [...]