Busama Entertainment- Booking Exotic dancers in to clubs can be tricky

Owning and operating an international exotic dancer jobs travel agency is a wonderful business and experience, but the team at Busama Entertainment do experience quite a lot of problems and factors that can make booking exotic dancers in to clubs very tricky. First and foremost more than 90% of the dancers really can never make up their minds about where they would like to go, and with quite a few other exotic dancing jobs agencies out there online, many of the girls do sign up with more than one agency at the same time and then they go with what ever may be the best option for them at the time, and that is why we started this business, to provide more choices and destinations for dancers to choose to travel to and quality clubs to work in.

All dancers do need to pay for their own travel and accommodation (unless the club provides accommodation), depending on how far they need to travel, either locally, nationally or internationally, whether it be flights, or trains or buses. Not all dancers have money which we wrote about in another post 3 kinds of Exotic dancers  so there are a large number of dancers that are working and spending their money and not saving any, so although they may like to go and travel to another location, they simply cannot afford it. Other factors that might effect a dancer going to another destination could be that they are a single Mum, or they just cannot get away for long periods of time from their families/ children. Or other commitments such as they may be studying full or part time, or working a day job somewhere.

Other dancers may have already set up their next booking with us and there may be some unforeseen circumstance that occurs and therefore they are unable to proceed with the booking as planned, and then some dancers simply just stop communicating and disappear after setting up bookings, this is one that none of us will ever understand, isn’t it easy to just let the agency know that you are no longer interested?

What passport you hold and whether you are able to get a working visa for a particular destination plays a major part in where a dancer can or cannot go. There are hundreds of thousands of dancers out there that might like to go to work in a particular country and get away from their own, but they simply cannot because of this. There are a large number of dancers that are simply too afraid to travel nationally or internationally simply because they believe everything they hear on the news and would not be interested in attempting to go anywhere new.

Obviously the way a dancer looks plays a huge part in determining if our agency can or cannot make a booking for certain exotic dancers in to certain clubs, as each venue asks our agency to recruit dancers with specific looks and experience, which also makes the job tricky, and when we decline an application and say “Sorry, but you do not have the LOOK that our clubs are asking for”, we really do mean it, it just means that entertainer just did not fit in with that clubs requirements, and because they pay us to recruit dancers for them, we must get each club exactly what they want.

So we operate a business that tends to be very unstable, but we love it. So if you are a dancer looking for your next money making adventure, get in touch with us, and tell all your friends because we need so many dancers, we simply cannot fill the demand from the clubs, but we are trying!

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