Busama Entertainment-Should Exotic dancers book dancing jobs with an agent

The simple answer to this question is of course dancers don’t have to book their dancing jobs with an agent, dancers can just do their own research on destinations and clubs and apply directly to the clubs themselves, or travel to that new city and walk in and audition for a job in the club and see if they get it or not.

The main reason we started Busama Entertainment was because at one time we were just booking 1 club and were on a salary as staff to work for that one company. During the many years that we worked for that company most dancers asked us if we booked any other venues around the world as well as the clubs we worked for at that time. After a few years of working in other industries and cities all over the world, we decided to start Busama Entertainment and provide one place online where dancers from all over the world could see the details of clubs in various countries and talk to us about them and choose whether or not to go and try them out.

All we try to do, is do our best to provide a decent selection of safe, friendly, top quality clubs, that other dancers have worked in and have enjoyed and made decent money in. Of course not all dancers are happy in all clubs, that is simply impossible to achieve, but we do know that the clubs that make it on to our website are clubs that have proven to be reliable and most other dancers have given good feedback about them, so we are happy with our choices. If we were such a terrible agency to work with we would have closed years ago, but instead we keep on growing and we have lots of very happy and understanding dancers.

There are a lot of unsafe, unfriendly clubs and people out in the world, especially in our Adult Industry so we are proud to be able to offer some good quality choices of clubs to dancers, even if a few dancers don’t make as much money as others that have been to the same clubs and had a really great experience. All we can do is be honest and provide information to you about what other girls have said and it is up to you as a dancer to make a decision or not. We provide a totally FREE service, we do not take any money or commissions from our dancers. The one thing that we find is the difference between the girls that make good money and the dancers that do not is patience.

We have booked dancers that will start in a club on Monday night (always the slowest night of the week in any club worldwide) and work the entire week including the busy nights and then think about that week, and then work another week, the dancers that are patient and are good workers make money. But there are many factors to think about, some dancers do not like contact lap dances, others are used to working that way, some club systems and rules just simply do not work for some girls and do work for others. Some clubs are full nude and some are not, some dancers arrive at clubs in the slow season and don’t do as well as others that have gone in busy season, but there are some dancers that are just not happy anywhere they go.

There are also dancers that start on a Monday night and will make $150 and then say the club is the worst club they have ever worked in because it was slow and never go back again after 1 night. If only they stayed the week and worked every night they may have made great money, there is no possible way that you can judge a clubs potential by working 1 Monday night. Usually these impatient dancers blame the agent and the club and the managers, everyone but themselves, but there is no one to blame but themselves for giving up so easily.

The impatient dancers go from club to club working 1 day or 2 days and give up and tell other dancers that all of the clubs they were at were terrible, we have been in this business for 20 years both working as an agent and in the clubs managing and being in security, in the lap dance room, in the bar, in the private rooms, dancer manager offering tips to dancers about how to make money from guys. Although times may change, patience does not, if you put in the effort most of the time you will be rewarded. So many dancers just expect to walk in to any club and for customers to throw money at them and walk out with over $1000 a night, money is earned and good experienced and patient dancers that are great actors, know how to earn it, because let’s face it, being a dancer is all about how good of an actor you are, act one way for one customer, then change for another. If you are a brunette and a customer says he likes blondes, go and put on a blonde wig and go back and try the same customer again.

The main reason to book with an agent is to get information about the clubs they work with, as an agent there is no point in lying to a dancer about a club, if the dancer leaves a club the agent does not make any money so what is the point of lying, we prefer the girls to stay as long as possible, we only tell the dancers the feedback from other dancers that have been to those clubs, and let the dancers know the best and worst times to go to each place. Each dancer has to pay her own flight ticket, for almost all of the clubs, the dancers have to pay for their own accommodation, and if the club do not provide it we usually suggest places online to take a look at so the dancers can book online themselves. We tell all dancers the same thing, other dancers that have worked with us for years and keep coming back to check out the new clubs we get, they also book with other agents to other clubs and that is great for the dancers to have a choice, that is the whole point of our business. But please remember there are a lot of clubs out there and we only book the ones we have at the time, all we can do is providing a starting point.

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