Busama Entertainment There are three kinds of Exotic dancers working

Busama Entertainment have been booking exotic dancers in to clubs all over the world for many years and before that working in the clubs as Management and Security/ Dancer Manager Etc.

We have seen and heard just about every situation, every excuse, every problem that could ever arise, as well as seen hundreds of exotic dancers make a HUGE amount of money from dancing.

There are a limited number of years that are available to you as a dancer, a short time in which you should take full advantage and work hard and save as much money as you possibly can.

There are a lot of shitty clubs out there in the world, but there are so many top class clubs as well, that provide an opportunity for dancers to cash in, and what each dancer actually does with all that money is totally up to the kind of person or dancer that she is.

There are three kinds of dancers, survival dancers, investment dancers and Career dancers, although Career dancers could also fit in to the investment category depending on how they develop their careers.

A survival dancer just works enough to get by. Maybe a few days a week, never saves any money and is always saying that she does not have any money. These girls are panicking at work daily, to get enough dances to pay rent the next day but by the next week they have forgotten about that and are back to partying, doing drugs, buying expensive clothes and wasting every dollar they make with absolutely no regard for their future and just live day to day, week to week.

These are also the dancers that do not have any patience and go from club to club working 1 night and leaving to try another club only to find the same thing. The patient dancers put in the effort, dig their heels in have a plan and stick to it and work hard.

An investment/ career dancer, dances as a venture/ business and puts money and time in to her company’s assets, being herself and her equipment (shoes, make up, outfits, accessories) going to the gym, working out, always looking good and investing in herself and her future. In our opinion this is the only reason to dance.

Career dancers also get involved with Feature dancing and strive to be the best of the best and gaining exposure, winning competition titles and modeling titles, getting modeling careers as well and being in Magazines and gaining sponsorship.

Being an exotic dancer is tough and they have to put up with a lot of shit from idiot customers at times, so if you are going to dance, you should make the most of it and cash in while you can.

No matter what your situation is, if you are in a good club and you are a good dancer and hustler you WILL make good money and- you can still afford to save. If you work hard you can make a huge amount of money dancing, and we have seen it happen so often.

It is easy to get used to making a lot of money every day, but don’t take it for granted, you may never make that sort of money every day once you have stopped dancing, so be smart and SAVE as much of it as you can. It is possible to do that and still live a very comfortable life.

If you can just keep it under control for a few years you will be able to afford nice things for the rest of your life- long after you have quit dancing. Don’t spend money like a rich person, just make a budget that you can work with based on a salary that you might earn in a regular job, and get insurance, It’s very easy to fall on heels and break an ankle or tear up your knee- happens all the time.

You could be out of work for weeks or even months. You don’t want to be buried under a mountain of bills. You should also consider investing your money in stocks. As a dancer you’re looking to invest for the long term- at least 5 years and probably 10.

Mutual funds are low maintenance and are well suited for this, but if you are interested in doing this, get advice from a professional, a broker or financial advisor.

The best possible investment you can make is educating yourself, there are many dancers that are working with us that are putting themselves through University degrees and paying their study fees from the money they earn dancing, AND saving most of the rest of it too.

With a good degree you can do just about anything you want when you retire from dancing and combine that with a top class education and university degree, the sky could be the limit, you could even fund your own company/ business for yourself.

Without an education or any job skills that money will eventually be gone. With an education you can make the most of your savings, use it as capital for your own business or invest it for a steady source of income.

There are not many people that get the opportunity to make a lot of money as a dancer, it just seems a shame to waste it.