Dance in Macau if you are a patient hustler money will flow

Dance in Macau if you are a patient hustler money will flow. If you are looking at the option to dance in Macau, we wanted to shed some light on which dancers should and should not go there. Like most clubs in Asia there is predominantly a hostessing style system of working, as well as the dancing of course, but there is a lot of sitting and drinking and talking with customers. On the ground floor of the club dancers are able to approach customers as they wish, for VIP rooms the club supervises the seating of the dancers. Putting in the work with your customers in the club to get all of the financial rewards that go with that. If you are used to American style clubs, packed with customers and you walk around asking for dances in a fast paced atmosphere, this is definitely NOT the place for you. The dancers that do well in Macau as those that are patient, bubbly, have a lot of fun, are great entertainers both at the table and on the stage. After your stage show you are allowed to roam the floor of the club and approach tables to ask for tips for your show. You are the hostess and the customers are there to see you, so it is your job to help them have a great time.

As the club themselves perfectly described it: They are like a 5 star restaurant, eating and doing things slowly, they are not a fast food place: A lot of sitting and talking, drinking and time. Spending time to get to know your customers, keep in touch with them and schedule them to come back to see you at certain times during the week. This is the Asian system, and dancers that have hostessing experience in this kind of club will do very well here. The club is not busy all the time, it is not full of customers, but they do get a lot of VIP customers coming in that spend a lot of money. There are so many mixed reviews of Macau and the bad reviews are from the girls that are only used to a fast paced working environment, and they are unable to relax and get in to the groove of the club, they simply just give up. The dancers that are patient, good hustlers, good entertainers and talkers, used to a hostessing style system will always do very well in Macau. One of the best things about our partner club in Macau is they can provide working visas for all approved entertainers, this is amazing and we do not know of any other clubs that do this. Also Macau is the Vegas of Asia with most of the top Las Vegas Casinos having replicas or other Casinos and hotels there, as well as all of the Macau Casinos. Hong Kong is a quick flight or ferry ride away, so you can go and have fun there as well.

So, if you are thinking about dancing in Macau, please do not apply if you are looking for a fast paced environment and have no patience, we have lots of dancers making amazing money in the club.

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