Dancer bookings to Australia and New Zealand

Like many other countries in the world the strip club scene in Australia and New Zealand is growing very quickly. The owners of our partner clubs over here are planning to open many more clubs in the very near future and to be honest, we need as many dancers as we can find so we can fill the demand for the numbers of dancers our clubs are asking us for.

The best things about the bookings in Australia and New Zealand are the fact that there are so many countries involved with the Working Holiday visa Programme for each of the countries. Although we would like to bring ALL dancers to work here, we only do things 100% legally. This means that we cannot book any dancers into any clubs where we cannot get you a proper working visa for. We know those rules make it difficult for many countries but as long as we bring all dancers to our clubs legally, then none of us will have any problems. We can all relax knowing that our entertainers are legally allowed to be working in those clubs. The last thing we want is for our dancers to get in trouble and get deported, and we most certainly don’t want to get into any legal trouble ourselves. BUSAMA Entertainment is getting a good reputation out there in the international exotic dancing community, and we prefer to keep it that way.

There are many options for dancers so please just ask us and we will try our best to find a club for you if we can. The Working Holiday visa is only for people aged between 18 years old and 30 years old. BUT the rules are a little different if you are from the CZECH REPUBLIC. If you are Czech then you can be up to aged 35 for New Zealand and they offer more visa places. The visa is valid for 12 months and allows you to come and go from the country as many times as you like. So we have suggested to many dancers to get their visas for Australia and New Zealand at the same time and you can go between the two countries as many times as you want for 12 months. Just remember that you only get one of these visas per country so we suggest to all the dancers that you should only get one if you plan to spend some time in the country. We suggest that you check it out as soon as possible because visa places may already be finished for your country. Even if you don’t want to go now, you can apply now and from the time you get your visa, you have 1 year until you need to start using it. Please take a look at the links below to see if your country is listed on the visa lists.

Working holiday Chart:

 For Australia:

 For New Zealand: (There are only limited numbers of visas available for some countries. Please click on your country to see how many)


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