Does your Gentlemen’s club need House Dancers

Does your Gentlemen’s club need House Dancers? We can help, take a look. Busama Entertainment is a Global Exotic Dancer Jobs Agency. We are currently undertaking a rapid expansion plan in the U.S.A and recruiting house dancers for top class Gentlemen’s clubs all over the U.S.A.

Currently we are working with a couple of top quality venues in America, but we would like to attract the attention of many more high quality clubs and if possible, large chains of venues across the Sates, to add a larger choice of venues on our U.S.A club circuit.

We specialize in attracting & booking House Dancers into top quality Gentlemen’s Clubs worldwide. Basically, the way we operate is we get all your club details and pictures from you and we create a listing for your venue on our website & we list all of the information that will enable dancers to research your club effectively. We work with a very large number of dancers worldwide.

We then start promoting your venue to the girls in the U.S.A (and any other countries that you nominate), after a 2 to 6 week period of adding your club we start to benefit from a little bit of time online, you will start to see some results. You will also get applications right away, but like anything successful it takes time and effort from us.

All dancer applications will go directly to each club, and each club should nominate one manager to have login access to our website so they can manage their club dancer applications.

Our Agency owner is Australian and has more than 20 years of
experience in the Adult Industry and other recruitment niches all over the world.

If you are a club owner and would like us to assist you to recruit house dancers for your strip club or arrange for us to an audition period working with you please contact us, even if you just want to have a chat and get some more information, and to find out how your club can benefit from using our dancer recruitment services. Does your Gentlemen’s club need House Dancers?

Looking to create a safe, secure, one stop recruitment tool and source of information for Exotic Dancers that like to travel.