How much are your Stripper jobs Agency fees?

How much are your Striptease jobs Agency fees? There are so many agencies out there and all of them have a different working system.

Some agencies take a % of what the dancers earn and in return they might pay flight tickets and accommodation. Other Striptease jobs agencies take a set fee from the dancers for every night they work, so the girls have to pay the club and pay the agent too.

Busama Entertainment Striptease Jobs Agency provide a 100% Free service to Exotic & lap dancers worldwide. The only money you do pay is to the club and what ever their regular club fees and house fees may be. We do not ask our dancers for any money.

Usually it works out cheaper for the dancer to take a system like the one we offer, that way you can find the cheapest flights yourself.

If the clubs do not provide accommodation you can find cheap places to stay as well, then all the money you make is yours, except for the club fees, so it works out better for you.

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