Gogo dancing & gogo dancing jobs

Gogo dancing & gogo dancing jobs. There are so many forms of gogo dancing in different clubs all over the world.

In Thailand in places Like Patong in Phuket, or Pattaya & Rachada in Bangkok you can go from club to club and mostly it is just dancers in skimpy outfits gyrating around a pole on stages in an open air style bar with music blasting out of them.

Striptease & Exotic dancing jobs are also referred to as gogo dancing in many countries. But generally gogo dancing is where male or female entertainers dress up in themed outfits depending on the event & dance on platforms or stages, or even in cages and using many other props and back drops.

Outdoor festivals, concerts & events are popular places to find gogo dancing entertainers performing and having a lot of fun and they really enhance the vibe and atmosphere when you watch them perform.

Gogo dancing is usually a short term job, depending on the event, it may be just the 1 event and the performers will be required to dance roughly 10 to 15 minute sets each at a time, then take breaks to rest while other dancers take their places in front of the crowd.

There are also full time gogo dancing positions at night clubs where dancers are employed by clubs to perform every night of the week for a long term contract on salary.

Our Agency gets gogo dancing positions from time to time so check in with us and ask about what jobs we might have for you if you are a gogo dancer.

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