Need House Dancers? Our Specialty is House Dancers. WE NEED MORE GOOD QUALITY CLUBS TO OFFER OUR DANCERS. Hiring Strippers Strip Club Dancing Jobs Busama Entertainment.

Attention USA Club owners & Managers: We now have a Club Rep in the USA that you can talk to. If you would like to receive a call with more detailed information Contact us here.

We specialise in booking House Dancers into Top quality Gentlemen’s Club worldwide. Basically the way we operate is we get all your club details and pics from you and we have created our Introductory Club Listing Pay 3 months get 5 Months offer.

For this you will get the Full range of services that we provide. We then start promoting your venue to the girls and after a short period of adding your club and gaining some results in search engines, you will begin to receive notifications for dancers that are applying to your club page.

If you do like what you see, We bill a Flat page listing fee monthly  (no more to pay at all even when you get dancers working, and quarterly in advance, so we will send you an invoice for your first 3 months (& you 2 extra Months FREE for a total of 5 Months). Easy! Check out our Pricing Structure.

Some clubs offer accommodation at a rental fee or for free which is amazing for the dancers but if you cannot provide this it is fine. At the very least all we would ask is that you provide suggestions to the dancers to hotels/ Motels they can book online themselves.

Our Agency owner is Australian but our office is in Thailand. Busama Entertainment specializes in hiring strippers, lap dancers, show girls and hostesses to strip club dancing jobs and for other venues in Australia and worldwide. We can provide you with beautiful, professional female strippers, hostesses, gogo dancers and hostesses.

If you are a club owner and would like us to assist you and recruit dancers for your strip club dancing jobs, and other entertainers we are also happy to take bookings for private events any where in the world , please contact us today even if you just want to have a chat. We are always looking for new top quality clubs to work with around the world.

We work with strippers from Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Uruguay and many more. So no matter what country your club or event is being held in, if you give us enough time we will do the best we can towards hiring strippers for your strip club dancing jobs.

We will only work with professional companies that will take care of our entertainers and provide a safe clean and professional working environment, if you cannot provide accommodation all we ask is the names of some good cheap and clean accommodations close by the clubs so that we can make suggestions of where the dancers can stay. Please complete the online form below. The information provided below in relation to any lap dancing, strip club dancing jobs, hostess jobs. Please complete this form in as much DETAIL as possible.

We look forward to working with you soon. JUST REMEMBER, our agency services are FREE of charge to the dancers, yes that’s right, we do not charge our dancers any money at all for our services, our clubs pay us our money.

We try to keep only the best clubs we can find on our website. If we work with a club and we get too much bad feedback from our dancers, we stop booking that place. Our business grows if our dancers are happy and make money. If our dancers make money then we make money. The one thing we do need to recruit dancers successfully is daily COMMUNICATION from the clubs.

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