Exotic dancing and stripper jobs Myrtle beach

804 Seaboard St, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, USA
negotiable Expires in 5 months



We are inviting all entertainers that would like to come and join us in our wonderful club in Myrtle Beach. Millions of visitors enjoy wide beaches, warm weather and an incredible range of entertainment and activities.

Myrtle beach is also very famous for Golf and attracts many people during the season. So if you are looking for exotic dancing & stripper jobs, send us your applications and we will see if we can take you for the season.

Accommodation for dancers
Suburban Extended Stay Hotel, Suburban
Single $60 + tax
Double $70 + tax
The hotel rooms have a full kitchen, so the girls can save money on food. There is a Walmart 4 minutes from the hotel.
The club is approximately 3 minutes from the hotel, and the beach is about 7 minutes from the hotel.

Days & times club is open
Club days and hours
Open Tuesday-Saturday
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm-4 am
Friday and Saturday 8pm-5am
Closed Sunday & Monday

Our Club is “Bring Your own alcohol”

Season goes from March to November every year.

Days dancers must work
There is no schedule. Girls are allowed to work when they want. They are required to be in the club by 8:30pm on the nights they are working, and work a full shift (shift ends at 3am).

The club air conditioning can get cool sometimes so we suggest that you take something warm if you need to use it during your shift.

Dress regulations
We require all dancers to wear dresses or skirts that cover their entire buttocks while on the floor. We do not require formal dresses.

Table dances
No table dances allowed.

Lap dance prices
Couch room 1 song $30 (house takes $10 USD) NO CONTACT
Private rooms: 15 minutes minimum $225 USD (house takes $75 USD)
*can be bought in multiple packages
Jacuzzi room: 30 minutes minimum $450 USD (house takes $150 USD)

We do run promos nightly for 2 for 1 $30 dances
The songs are shortened to accommodate the promotion

The other dances are timed with room rental prices as follows:
15 min – $50
30 min – $100
1 hour – $200
Jacuzzi (30 min) – $200
All rooms have curtains but for $25 the door can be closed.

dance prices are the girls discretion.

Just topless or Full nude
Stage dancing is full nude. NO CONTACT, this is the only full nude club in Myrtle Beach.

How many stages
We have one very large stage. There a rotation. We dance 3-4 girls on stage at one time for 4 song sets. Our stage seats, and is consistently full, 75-80 tipping customers.

* We have the highest Customer to dancer ratio than any other club on the beach. We average 10-14 customers per dancer.

Do you have poles on stage
There are 4 static poles on the stage.

Dancers keep all there tips.

How much do your dancers make
Average dancers: $550 USD per night

Top dancers: $850-$1100 USD per night

Area surrounding your club
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a tourist area with lots to do. There is shopping and night clubs 10 minutes from the hotel. The beach is about 7 minutes from the hotel. There are water parks, restaurants, shows (Palace Theatre), arcades, there is a gym in the hotel and others around the hotel, and much more.