Exotic Dancing Hamburg Germany

Große Freiheit 7 22767 Hamburg Germany
negotiable Expires in 6 months



European Exotic Dancers have a large number of clubs they can choose to work in all over Europe and members of the EU can travel and work in  them all which is awesome. If you have not been to this club already, check out the details on this page for Jobs for Exotic Dancing Hamburg Germany.

The club position themselves as a high class club and during the weeks there are more business-like customers, on the weekends it is more mixed, more elegant in the VIP lounge but also stagdo & Bachelor parties.

When are your busy and slow seasons?
​In July-August there we are less busy, as well as in January-February

How many girls do you have in the club working every day?
During the week 4-5 and Friday-Saturday 9-10 girls are working in the club.

Accommodation for dancers
We have apartments for dancers, just 200 m from the club, they are for free, just 5.50€ per day for electricity and this stuff.

Days & times club is open 
Sun-Thu 21:00 till 04:00
Fri-Sat 20:00 till 05:00

Days dancers must work 
Optimal are five days, in any case no more than five per week. 50€ daily garunteed fee, AND

the girls can choose between two options:

1. To take 30 % of the Drinks and  30% of the Private Dances
2. To take 20 % of the Drinks and 40 % of the Private Dances

Dress regulations 
Usual with tendency to elegance. We have no prescriptions and no theme nights.

Table dances 
20/40 or 30/30 (Dancers choose which option)

Lap dance prices 
no lap dance

Just topless or Full nude 
on stage topless, private dance full strip

How many stages 
one big and one small, some 10 meters from each other

Do you have poles on stage 
we have static poles

20/40 or 30/30 (Dancers choose which option)

How much do your dancers make 
up to 10000€ if you are good

Club fees 
No fees

Do you offer any flight money back?