Jobs for strippers Oslo Norway

Grensen 1. Oslo Norway
negotiable Expires in 7 months



Jobs for strippers Oslo Norway. Oslo is an amazing city, lots of things to do and good money to be made here at the club. We are hoping to attract professional dancers to our club and to entertain our customers while they make some good money for themselves.

This club was the first club to open in Norway and is still operating and doing very well, open for 30 years and still going strong. The club receives all kinds of customers, from business men and women to a younger crowd, and their regulars of course. The minimum age customers need to be to enter the club is 23 years old.

We always have vacancies for Jobs for strippers Oslo Norway, if you are an Exotic dancer please check us out and apply.


Accommodation :
Room Type: shared 2-3-4-6 per

All dancers are obligated to stay in the clubs accommodations.
Accommodation fee:
100 kr a day
Internett: Yes
Fully equipment apartment
Days & times club is open

Opening days : Monday to Saturday
Sundays closed
Opening time: 21:00-03:30

Days dancers must work
6 days per week

Dress regulations
Short dress, lingerie, transparency,
All dancer required to have 8 different outfit Per day.
Friday & Saturday is them night
Must have 3 extra outfit as
Fantasy character

Table dances
No table dance

Lap dance prices
Lap dance 50% of 600kr
Private dance 37,5% of 1600kr
Bachelor on stage 50% of 2000kr
touching strictly forbidden

Just topless or Full nude
Full nude & topless

How many stages
2 stage

Do you have poles on stage
Yes We have static & spin pole on stage

100% to the dancer
Tip on credit card is not accepted
Cash only..

How much do your dancers make
1000 Euro – 2000 Euro (Per Week)

It is important to note the club needs to take a copy of your passport, your IBAN account & 15 % taxes will be deducted from your earnings.

The clubs low season is February each year, apart from that the club is steadily busy.

All dancer payments are made only by bank transfer.

Dancers payments are made 1 time per month, so if you work in March, you will be paid on 10th of April and so on.

Club fees
No club fees only apartment fee

Do you offer any flight money back?
We do not offer money back
but we do reduce dancers taxes
With the flight receipt

Oslo airport gardemoen,
Ask us for details about arrival after you get accepted by the club.

Area surrounding your club
All food shopping is 2min walk
City oslo is 10min walk
Club 10min walk
Oslo is small city everything is
Inside 10min walk