Party Girl Escort Modeling jobs for VIP Clients

$2.50 Expires in 6 months



New Castings all the time 2021, DUE TO COVID 19, we may not be hiring right now.

Party Girl Escort Modeling jobs for VIP Clients. Our VIP clients are only looking for females with top quality looks for these jobs please, so if you think that means you then go ahead and apply on this page and we will talk to you.

All applications are confidential, if you apply your application is saved on your private profile no one can see it but you and our team.

The job is basically 90% waiting around in your Villa, then when you are working you will be on big Super Yachts at Parties etc,

This is a great opportunity to make some good cash if you are already used to these kinds of jobs. We welcome applications from

Australians, Brazil, Europeans, Mexico, South Americans, USA, Canadians, South Africans, Japanese & Koreans.

All expenses paid including –
Assumption of transportation costs
-Catering during the stay
-Fee for model 2500 USD per day

Profiles from models:

-Age is between 18 and 25
-Pretty face
-Slim fit body
-Natural appearance
-Flexible in time
-No big tattoos

From each model we need:

-One very good video with bright light (We will send you example videos via WhatsApp)
-The face and the body must be very recognizable
-Five very good pictures
-Full name, age, size, nationality, airport from where she will fly

The professional female has to be 100% availability and ready to travel at least 2 or
4 days after she has been booked

They have to stay there minimum 2 weeks

On the last day they will get paid

After that they will be flown back

If they really like a model they can come back. Some girls been there already 2 or 3 times

2.About catering:

They have every kind of food there

4. About the villas where you stay:

They live in a big resort with many villas. They have a gym ,a pool etc

Castings are every two weeks They need to have all the videos and photos from the models by the casting day .

If they book a model they have to be ready to fly in 72 hours .