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Permanent staffing solutions for specialized employer industry needs. Busama Entertainment is a recruitment firm that offers a unique blend of recruitment services for a variety of specialized markets in the adult, hospitality & corporate industry sectors. We offer this recruitment service as a completely separate service from our Exotic dancer Recruitment.

We provide this recruitment service to employers that are searching for the right staff member to join their permanent working team. We work in conjunction with your HR team and provide an extra team to dedicate to assisting you to fill your job vacancies.

Whether you are looking for Bar & floor staff, Hostesses, Supervisors & Management or perhaps something out of the ordinary like topless waitresses, we can help.

Take a look at our placement terms below and get in touch with us if you need us.

Permanent Staffing

A recruitment placement fee of 15% of the total of the first years annual Salary per successful candidate will apply to all permanent staff that are recruited by Busama Entertainment. Fee to be paid upon successful placement.


All permanent full-time placements made by Busama Entertainment are guaranteed for a period of 3 months (12 weeks) from the date of commencement, providing that all fees have been paid within the prescribed time period of your account or as per the Terms of Business.

This guarantee is a Replacement Guarantee. If the candidate leaves of their own volition or you are not satisfied with the placed candidate’s performance and we are notified within the guarantee period in writing, we will undertake the assignment for one replacement candidate (for the same position) without charging additional professional fees.

This guarantee relates only to the candidate’s competence for the position to which the candidate was appointed. If a candidate’s departure is for reasons not related to competence of the candidate for the position or beyond the control of Busama Entertainment, this does not fall under the guarantee. This includes, but is not exclusive to the candidate leaving for reasons of restructuring of job description, change in employment, redundancy or redeployment caused by the client.

Terms of Business

Permanent Staffing

The following standard terms and conditions apply to all permanent staffing services supplied by Busama Entertainment.

“Staff” means Hired Staff and Permanent Staff. “Hired Staff” means Temporary or Casual Staff hired by you from the Agency.

1 Payment of Fees

a) You the employer agree to pay Busama Entertainment (“The Agency”) the relevant fee for staff supplied to you by the agency in accordance with the Schedule of Fees attached.

b) Payment is to be paid by you to the agency within seven (7) days of invoice date.

i) If payment of accounts (excluding payroll services and miscellaneous services) is not made within seven (7) days a surcharge of ten percent (10%) will be invoiced and the guarantee period will no longer be applicable.

2 Advertising

a) The agency agrees to advertise in the form it deems appropriate and at its own cost for permanent and casual positions if suitable applicants are not registered with the agency.

b) If you require any further advertising or advertisements of two columns or more in media other than the internet, or if you wish to vary from the format determined by the agency then the agency will conduct such advertising at your expense and you will pay for that advertising within seven (7) days of receipt of invoice.

If this invoice is not paid within the seven (7) day period, a ten percent administrative charge will be further invoiced on this invoice.

3 Terms of Hire

a) If a staff member resigns or is terminated due to unsatisfactory performance within the number of days of the commencement of employment set out in the Schedule of Fees as the “insurance period” (this is not applicable where resignation or termination is a result of changes in the employer’s circumstances) and;

The agency is notified by you within seven (7) days of the termination of resignation, Payment of our invoice relevant to that staff member had been made within seven (7) days of invoice and The agency is given at least five working days to find a replacement staff member. Then the agency will use its best endeavours to recruit a suitable staff member replacement at no cost to you.

c) The agency will interview all prospective staff and will pass on to you, if you require, information supplied by the staff member of their qualifications and experience. The agency will endeavour to check the accuracy of information supplied but makes no warranty in that regard and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied.

e) The agency does not carry out medical examinations and you employ staff on that understanding. Any medical examination is at your discretion and is your responsibility and at your cost.

f) The agency will make every effort to find a staff member suitable for your business; however, the agency will not accept any responsibility or liability for loss, damage or costs sustained by you by reason of your employment of any staff member.

By hiring staff from the agency, you agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions

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