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Strip tease exotic dancing jobs dancers wanted Macau. Have you ever wanted to dance in Macau? Check out this beautiful big club in Macau. This club was opened in April 2012 in Macau by associates with a vast experience in night Clubs, having previous in Tokyo and Manila.

This club is the only high class pure Gentleman’s Club in Macau consisting in two floors with two stages and over 850 sqm in total. Its decoration elegance in every corner is remarkable and this amazing Gentlemen’s Club is always looking for beautiful exotic, Topless, Striptease, Lap, dancers, and Hostesses that are willing to stay and dance for a minimum of 1 month in Macau.

Preferred stay is 3 month on contract and the club can provide work permits for all approved dancers.


Accommodation for dancers
As for apartment:,1750 MOP per two weeks including everything. 2 girls per room ,3 rooms apartment: 2 bathroom, kitchen, living room, smoking only on the balcony Apartment are 5 min walk from the club
Dancers need to pay 250 (about US$31) when surrendering the apartment to company as Apartment Cleaning and Maintenance services after they finish this contract.
Accommodation fees from the building management are subject to change without prior notice.
All apartments are 5 min walking distance from the club.
All apartments are located in community buildings not in the hotel .
All apartments are 3 rooms apartments with 2 bathrooms , kitchen and big living room

Days & times club is open
7 days in week form 9:30 pm until 5 am
Days dancers must work
6 day work , one day off . Dancers can choose which day they want to have off ( no days off on Friday and Saturday )

Dress regulations
Floor length elegant gowns or mini skirt and high platform dancers shoes as approved by the Club management The Club reserves the right to specify what is and is not appropriate on a continual basis;
Dancers’ hair and make-up must be presented professionally. The Club encourages the use of costume jewellery hairpieces, gloves and related accessories – remember style and elegance is the desired intent.
In case of theme nights costumes are provide by club

Table dances
we don’t do table dance

Lap dance prices
always 175 MOP (about US$22) for dancers( we have many promotions when costumers pays less for privet dance but dancers always get this same amount which is 175 MOP per dance 3,5 min ) .Soft touch is aloud but only upper body of dancer and only if she is ok with this .If not then she needs to inform costumer about it .

Just topless or Full nude
On the stage strip to bra and underwear .
Privet dance topless only .

How many stages
one big stage with 2 poles .
4-6 show per night , each show 2 songs , each song 3 min long

Do you have poles on stage
2 poles both spin

100 % for dancers

How much do your dancers make
lazy dancer 12 000 MOP (about US$1500) per 2 weeks (we pay per 2 weeks)
good working dancer 30 000 MOP (about US$3,750) per 2 weeks
top dancers 50 000 MOP (about US$6,250) plus per two weeks

This is strip club( on the stage we strip to the bra and underwear) , with privet dance( topless or full nude, you can choose which one you want to do it), and we drink champagne and talk and dance with costumers.

Payment every 2 weeks
Daily guarantee 600 MOP but there is little number of girls who need it mostly girls made from 10 000 MOP per two weeks up to 40 000 MOP and much more.

Now how payment works:
To get 600 daily guarantee they must make sure that during period of 15 days they work min 11 days , if they work 10 days they don’t get guarantee . They can work with out day off is ok .
For example : if from 1-15 of Jan they worked 11 days club guarantee them 6600 MOP. Girls make money here from drinks and food ( % commission) and privet dance . So if from this commission and private dance girl made for example 5000 MOP, club will give her extra 1600 to make sure she will rich amount 6600 MOP. Now If period 1-15 of Jan she made for example 10 000 MOP club is not going to give her anything because she already made from her commission (%) and privet dance more then 6600 MOP

Contract is for 3 months If girl sign contract with the club on 1st of Jan her last day of work will be on 1st of April . After 78 working days we pay back up to 1000 USD back on her flight ticket ( if tickets cost 500 USD she will get 500 USD , if tickets cost 1250 USD she will get back 1000 USD), Contract is not finishing after 78 working days , she just can get her flight ticket money back . Contract is finishing after 3 months of period and can’t be shorter because she works every day.

Club fees
no club fee

There is only one airport in Macau . If they flight to Hong Kong then need to take ferry to Macau -Macau port ( NOT TO MACAU TAIPA)
To get ticket for ferry they can’t cross the passport control !. As soon as they get to Hong Kong need to ask officers where they can go and buy ferry ticket to Macau-Macau . Then they need to take photo of this ticket send me on my whasapp so I will know what time to pick up them . I ALWAYS PICK UP DANCERS. I ALWAYS WANT TO HAVE WHATSPP CONTACT WITH THEM BEFORE THEY START TO TRAVEL .
When they arrived to Macau I take them to apartment and this day they rest . Next day they start to work but at first they get full club introduction and this day they don’t dance on the stage .

Area surrounding your club
5 start gym is in this same building where is club located .
There is so much to do do in Macau ( old town to visit , many shows to see, many casinos to see and play in , Hong Kong is just 45 min away



This job has expired.