Stripper Jobs Copenhagen Denmark

Gammel Kongevej 7 1610 Copenhagen V Denmark
negotiable Expires in 6 months


Stripper Jobs Copenhagen Denmark. This is another beautiful club in Copenhagen that we are excited to add to our dancing job choices for our European dancers. European dancers only please apply and we welcome all EU applications.

Busy all year except our low season is from January to March each year, we get a very good mix of customers in the club, during the week the clientele consists mostly of business people we attract a younger crowd on the weekends.

Take a look at the club information breakdown below and apply on this page using our Quick resume creator. Your application goes directly to the club and they will reply to you directly.

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Accommodation for dancers 
We have rooms for girls. 15,00 euro per day for a single room In same house or max 300 meters from the club.

Days & times club is open 
We have open Monday to Saturday from 19.00 until 05.00

Days dancers must work 
5-6 days per week

Dress regulations 
Evening dress

Table dances 
We have private shows, not table dances. Private show is 66,00 euro, 40,00 euro to the girls

Lap dance prices
we don’t have

Just topless or Full nude 
Venus bar is a Go GO with Topless strip

How many stages 
4 shows per night

Do you have poles on stage
yes, we have pole. They can be fixed and spin


How much do your dancers make 
Depends how much you sell.
60,00 euro per day and 15 percent of the champagne sales.

Do you offer any flight money back? 

Area surrounding your club 
We are in the middle of Copenhagen, so everything this just around the corner