How It Works for Exotic Dancers & Night club Staff

Check out all of our quality clubs and you can mark your favourites, take notes, upload your dancer resumes, set job alerts, manage your job applications in your private dashboard

Sign Up/ Register on our Website & Then Create a Resume & Apply for Jobs

1. First you need to Click Sign Up Button and Register/ create your account.

2. Then go to Apply Button/Submit Resume, and submit the form after you complete it. You only need to do this 1 time, OR if you want different resumes Just make different resumes and keep adding them.

3. After you submit your resume, go to the Clubs page and then you just click "Apply for Job" button on every club page you like. That is it.

4. Your application will go direct to the clubs you apply for, so the clubs will reply to you direct. Only the clubs you apply for can see your resume, your resume DOES NOT go online

How to Add & Manage your Resumes

How to Add & Manage stripper exotic dancing & Nightclub club staff jobs Resumes. You can Add more than 1 Resume, so you can make them different and choose which to apply with.

How to Bookmark Favourite Jobs

You can Bookmark all your favourite Jobs too, take a look at this video to show you how to do it.

How to Manage Nightclub staff stripper & exotic dancing jobs

After you have applied for Stripper & Exotic dancing jobs or Nightclub staff jobs, all the jobs you applied for can be managed in your own private Jobs page. This is also the same page that show your resumes. So you can manage and see a list of the jobs you applied for & your resumes that are on your profile here.

How to get Job Alerts for Stripper exotic dancing Nightclub Staff jobs

One of the good things about our new Stripper exotic dancing Nightclub Staff jobs website, is that you can set Alerts to jobs that you like or jobs similar to the ones that you like. Here is how you do it.

Apply Directly

Once you have found your matches, you can easily apply to the jobs that suit you best via the convenient web form and even submit your previously uploaded resume to save time.

How It Works for Clubs

List your club & regular club jobs online with us. Exotic Dancers & Staff apply directly to you. Communicate with them via private messages, manage your applicants in your private jobs dashboard, make notes on each applicant, see individual job stats in your job stats dashboard

Sign Up- Add Club Jobs-Get Dancers/Staff

Club & Job listings

List your Club & staff jobs. We will do the recruitment for you, tall to us about the details.

Choose the Exotic Dancers & Staff that you like best

We will send you the applications and profiles of interested applicants, you choose the most suitable and we go from there.

Contact them Directly

Once you have found who you want, you can send them private messages, see their resumes and skills & experience. Communicate with them and arrange for them to start working with you.