Gentlemen’s Club Dancing jobs Windsor Canada. Cheetah’s is the busiest club in Windsor.

Cheetah’s gets most of the downtown traffic and is the only club in the city open until 4am. Cheetah’s gets a lot of tourists and American customers.

Take a look at our club information outline below and we always welcome applications from dancers, so apply & we can start answering all your questions.

Accommodation for dancers
We provide a free stay at our dancer house that girls are welcomed to stay at for as long as they wish to work with us.

Days & times club is open
Cheetah’s is open from 7pm-2am Sunday-Thursday and 7am-4am

Days dancers must work
We ask that dancers work a minimum of 3 nights a week.

Dress regulations
Standard dancer attire is required.

Table dances
Table dances are $10 a song but are not very common in Windsor. The dancer keeps 100% of their money earned.

Lap dance prices
Lap dances are $20 a song. It is common for light touching to occur, extras are strictly prohibited.

Just topless or Full nude
Dances and stage shows are fully nude.

How many stages
Stage shows are performed in order in rotation. The number of shows depends on the number of girls working.

Do you have poles on stage
We have 1 poke on stage that does not spin.

Dancers make all of their money earned minus their floor fee.

How much do your dancers make
On a Saturday night, a dancer should earn $1000-$1500

Club fees
Start by 7pm $35
After 7, $50
In before 9 $60
After 9 $80
After 10 $100

Do you offer any flight money back?
Travel expenses can be discussed.

Area surrounding your club Cheetah’s is located right in the heart of downtown Windsor. Close proximity to the other bars and the Border to Detroit attracts a lot of foot traffic as well as American customers

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