Nude stripper exotic dancing jobs new Brighton Pennsylvania USA. 2 great clubs about 30 miles away from each other, this one in New Brighton and their partner club in Greenville PA. We are always looking for new clubs to add to our dancer jobs circuit in the USA, so come and check these clubs out.

The club has accommodation and hotels near by and not too far to travel to work each day. Having 2 clubs not far from each other we can arrange for you to start in 1 of these clubs and then try the other one after you have spent some time at the first one.


Accommodation for dancers
We have housing or local hotel for accommodations
Days & times club is open
mon-fri 11am-4pm day shift ,

8pm-1am night shift
Days dancers must work
5 day minimum,but can work as much as they would like
Dress regulations
dress regulations-Classy long and short dresses , sexy high heeled shoes , dancer outfits
Table dances
couch dance $20 10/10
Lap dance prices
executive suite$100 girl gets 40,40 min champagne room$200 girl gets $80,hour champagne room girl gets $120

Club takes between 50 and 60% and we have zero tip outs
Just topless or Full nude
How many stages
one at each club girls rotate stage time they dance 3 songs
Do you have poles on stage
2 static poles on each stage
How much do your dancers make
Club fees
none and you do not have to pay out House Mum, staff or DJ tips either

Area surrounding your club
everything needed is within 10 mile radius

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