Pole dancing near me Wellington New Zealand. We welcome a new addition to our job listings.

This great club is always looking for dancer all year round. Dreamgirls is different, we like to Rock hard, our girls, customers & staff party like it’s 1999. If you want to be in a permanent party zone and get paid for it! Apply with us .Top pay rates, cash paid to you, flexible hours. Only Club opened till 6am weekends.

If you are in New Zealand and asking yourself  where there are “Pole dancing near me” around Wellington New Zealand here they are.

Accommodation for dancers
Accommodation is available in the building upstairs with other dancers. Separate rooms. $20 per night. Conditions: Must work fulltime.

Days & times club is open
Tuesday to Thursday 8pm-4am
Friday and Saturday 8pm-6am
Closed Sunday and Monday

Days dancers must work
Dancer must do at least 4 shifts a week if staying in Accommodation. Minimum is 3 shifts and they can do as many as they like.

Dress regulations 
Sexy lingerie sets, lace dresses, suspenders, leather, mini dresses, stilletos and dancers must change at least 2 to 3 times per shift. Theme nights will be advised well in advance.

Table dances
Tipping money Dancers keep 80%.

Lap dance prices 
Lap dances Dancers keep 60%

Just topless or Full nude
Full Nude

How many stages 
2 Stages: 1 main and 1 smaller one in the middle of the Club.
Dancers dance to 3 songs per stage spot on a rotating roster

Do you have poles on stage
2 poles on main and 2 in middle. All poles ate static.

Dancers keep 80% of their tips.

How much do your dancers make 
That is entirely up to the Dancer, she has the opportunity to make $200 to $1000 a night.

Club fees 
No Club Fees

Do you offer any flight money back? 

Area surrounding your club 
Wellington City. It is the central business district and the Capital of New Zealand. Surrounded by Shops, Bars, Cafes and Restaurants.

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