Strip club looking for Exotic dancers Warsaw Poland. Come & work with us in Poland, we welcome all European Exotic dancers to apply with us and talk to us about booking in your dancing jobs here at our great club.

Warsaw is an amazing City to visit, many things to do when not working.

Accommodation for dancers
Yes , either rented apartment max 2 girls per room or for short stay local hotel from booking , we charge 50 polish zloty per night , the rest is paid by club

Days & times club is open 
7 days a week 21.00 – 5.00 or last customer

Days dancers must work 
Min 4 a week

Dress regulations
Lingerie but elegant not bikini

Table dances
About 3-4 performances on stage per night , each girl before performance collects red tokens from customers , they cost 5 polish zloty each, we share 50% between us and dancers

Lap dance prices
100zl for one lap dance, 600zl for half hour in VIP room , 1200zl one hour in VIP room, 3000zl for jacuzzi, we share 50%:between us and dancers. Touching girls depends on girls choice.

Just topless or Full nude 

How many stages 
2 stages 3-4 performance a night

Do you have poles on stage 
Yes, spin


How much do your dancers make 
Between 1500zl and 10000zl

Club fees 

Do you offer any flight money back? 
Yes after 3 months

Fly to Warsaw any airport, will be picked up and taken to accommodation, hour before club starts we will collect girls from accommodation and bring them to the club to get ready for work

Area surrounding your club 
Dead city centre, 500m away from most known building in Warsaw- palace of culture and science, opposite hotel novotel

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