This amazing club is just one of the 2 top clubs in Adelaide and both are owned by the same company. We are always looking for entertainers to recruit for the Stripper jobs & Lap dancing jobs at these top class clubs in Adelaide South Australia.

We are calling out to all dancers all over the world, please contact us and come and check out our Stripper jobs & Lap dancing jobs in this awesome club in Adelaide, South Australia. Since they opened, they have had no trouble gaining the reputation of a luxurious and boutique Gentlemen’s Club. Adelaide is an amazing city and is located in South Australia.

They are always looking to improve the experiences of their customers and our dancers. We are looking for the best talent that we can find. We have also added a second, beautiful and very well-known club,  also located here in Adelaide. It is with great pleasure that we are now booking Stripper jobs & Lap dancing jobs in Adelaide South Australia. If you are a dancer in Melbourne or Sydney then why not do a quick weekend or more in Adelaide. All dancers welcome, but if you are not from Australia we will just need to check if you are eligible to apply for a working holiday visa. Take a look at the basic information provided by the club below and let us know if you would like to go and check the club out. We are also recruiting dancers for their other club in Adelaide, take a look.


Accommodation for dancers
Please ask the club for some links to where you can book your accommodation online.

Days & times club is open
3pm – 5am Wednesday to Friday.
7pm – 5am Saturday.
8pm – 5am – Sunday

Days dancers must work
Minimum of 3 shifts per week unless negotinated otherwise with the dancers manager

Dress regulations
If you decided to work for the firm and you send your inquiry through, the dancers manager will then forward you an information pack about our dancers dress code, club conditions and rules within the club.

Table dances
The club does not offer table dancers, private rooms only.

Lap dance prices
Private Dances
10 MINUTES $75.00 the girl gets $50
20 MINUTES $125.00 the girl gets $100
30 MINUTES $175.00 the girl gets $150
40 MINUTES $225.00 the girl gets $200
1 HOUR $350.00 the girl gets $300

2 girl lesbian shown
30 MINUTES $610.00 each girl gets $200
1 HOUR $1210 each girl gets $400

Buck Show: taken on stage
15 minutes: $200.00 the girl gets $150

Just topless or Full nude
Just topless on stage unless you’re a showgirl or tipped more than $50 on the stage

How many stages
1 stage per night unless negotiated otherwise with dancers manager

Do you have poles on stage
Yes 2 spinning poles.

Club does not share girls tips.

How much do your dancers make
It depends on the dancer however the average dancer earns around $3,000 per week.

Club fees
Management has advised that all interstate or overseas dancers have to pay a house fee each night of $50

South Australia only has 1 airport. Taxis are out the front of the airport, the drive from the airport to the Adelaide city is only a 10 minutes drive. Once you arrive at your hotel you will need to contact the dancers manager

Area surrounding your club
The Adelaide casino is right across the road from the club. We also have nearby shops and restaurants within walking distance. The sex shop and the train station are also nearby.

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