We would like to invite experienced dancers to apply for work at our new club. The club is still in construction so please apply and we will answer all your questions for you. WE ARE HOPING TO OPEN OUR BEAUTIFUL NEW CLUB BEGINNING JUNE 2019

We need dancers to start applying from now please.

Please note that the club will be featuring a dinner show and then will transform itself into a party/gentlemen’s club. The venue by itself is high-end and we are looking to differentiate ourselves by the entertainment and services we provide. The dancers will be requested to participate into pole dances, lap dances, private dances and other entertainment elements of stripper & pole dancing jobs, that will be featured in the club. An artistic director and a choreographer will be in charge of the entertainment and coordinate with the talents about everything on site. We prefer girls with experience, but if talented we can accommodate. We do take all kind of nationalities, and prefer having a mix of exotic and European looking girls in the club.

The club is located in Jounieh, north of Lebanon. With the beaches 5 minutes away and all necessary shopping & restaurant outlets very close by. I am living in Lebanon for 9 years and I have never felt at any time security issues – I feel safer here than where I was living in Europe. Lebanon is a small country and you can easily access different parts in a very short time. What about skiing during the morning and a small dip in the sea in the afternoon? This link can give you an idea of what Lebanon has to offer: https://www.instagram. com/livelovebeirut/?hl=en

Accommodation for dancers
Accommodation and full board will be provided to the dancers. The hotel is in construction right now and will be walking distance to the club. The hotel will be equivalent to a 4* hotel and will have for sole purpose to lodge the staff of the nightclub.

Days & times club is open
The club will be open 6 days/week. The club will be featuring a show everyday that will be independant to the strip club from 9pm to 12pm. The strip club program will start at 12pm and will feature: lap dances, private dances, pole dances, consumption, and other entertainment elements such as choreographed acts. The program will end by maximum 5 to 6am.

Days dancers must work
The dancers are requested to work 6 days/week. Good dancing skills is a must. English speaking as they’ll be working on consumption with customers too.

Dress regulations
The outfits requested are basic lingerie/bikini outfits. For the theme nights, the club will provide necessary costumes.

Table dances
We are still working on the dance menu. A small share will be allocated to the dancers in addition to the basic salary.

Lap dance prices
We are still working on the dance menu. A small share will be allocated to the dancers in addition to the basic salary.

The customers are NOT ALLOWED to touch the girls.

Just topless or Full nude
Full nude is forbidden in Lebanon. Even nipples will be covered. However, in private dances there might be exceptions for and topless might be allowed.

How many stages
1 modular stage is available in the venue that can have different setups.

Do you have poles on stage
The poles are not purchased yet and we can accommodate to the needs of the dancers.

Yes. The tips given directly to the dancers are for them.

How much do your dancers make
The club is not open yet. It used to be an entertainment venue and now will be a gentlemen’s club.

Area surrounding your club
The club is located in a Mall called La Cité in Jounieh. Lots of restaurants are nearby.

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