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Be Ready for Jan & Feb 2019

First of all Thank you to all of the Clubs that have joined us so far, it has just been over 1 month since we launched the new club listing section of our website and it has been great.

Typically November & December every year is when the number of Dancers applying for work really slows down and even almost comes to a complete stop. Most Dancers have already found a club to work in by now and work and save money for bills & Christmas with Family or Holidays.

January & February are when the Dancers really come out & start looking for new clubs and new places to go & work, so if you have not yet got your Gentlemen’s Club on to our website, we highly suggest that you get it on there asap this month.

We are offering every new club to join us this month and 1 Month Free trial, so if you get your venue online with us this month, you will get the remainder of December PLUS January 2019. Although 1 month is not enough to gauge how well our website will work for you, it will give you an idea if how it works, and allow you access to Dancers once they start applying in the New Year. If you are still unsatisfied after your trial we simply remove your club, it is that easy.

But If you are always looking to attract Exotic dancers to your clubs all year round, why not give us a try. We are a Long Term Exotic Dancer Recruitment solution for you. We get Dancers from all over the world looking at our website, and they can look at & research many clubs on our website at the same time and apply, & they share club pages with friends.

After a trial, If you decide to commit to having your club online with us for 3 months to 1 year we will commit to you, by driving dancers to your pages, creating custom Social media posts for each individual club page and marketing them. This is not just a matter of putting your page online, pay and it is done, we will do a lot of work to market your club, but there is not much point in us marketing venues that do not stay online, as all that will do is send Dancers to dead page links online because the page is no longer there.

The more clubs online the better, dancers viewer numbers only grow with each added club so it benefits all clubs that are listed on our website. It really does make sense. I am happy to discuss details with any club individually who might like more information, so please contact me any time. I am hoping to attract a lot more clubs in the coming months.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas (If you celebrate it, & a Happy New Year)


BUSAMA Entertainment Limited

Stripper & Exotic Dancer Recruitment