Long term stripper & Exotic dancer recruitment

Long term stripper & Exotic dancer recruitment. Our website is designed for the Long Term, and to attract stripper & Exotic dancer applications All Year Round. If you are a club owner/ Manager and looking for a Quick fix of dancers we are not the agency or website for you to list your club on, although we can put out calls to entertainers for VIP Private Functions on short notice and depending on the VIP Event and the conditions and requirements, we should be able to help.

We develop a long term plan for the clubs that are committed to stripper & Exotic dancer recruitment for their clubs. We understand that you may not need dancers all year round and that may be a couple of months a year you may have too many girls.

But what about all the other months? Do you have a plan in place to schedule dancers for the months that may not be your peak months? Are you confident that you can fill all your stripper & exotic dancer vacancies all year round? Many clubs are not which is why we developed this website.

Apart from being very cheap, this will be effective for you with in a couple of months of you joining us, if not even sooner. We actively market all of the clubs pages on our website, we include you in our online email, website, posting and social media marketing campaigns, in Twitter, Pinterest, our Facebook Business Pages, Linkedin & more, and we talk to dancers about where to apply, and more importantly the dancers that frequent our website are always researching what clubs to go to next and sharing club page links and talking to their friends.

So, as already mentioned, we are your Long term recruitment option, not your “I need girls today/right now” option. We get so many clubs saying I have a lot of girls right now, but in a week or 2 they have none or very few, so it is really up to the club owners & Managers to decide what they want to do. You can put your plan in place on our website and let us build it for you for the long term.

Our dancer viewing numbers are always increasing all over the world. Our website is set up to provide you with your own Club Login, and Dancers apply directly to each club they are interested in. The applications go in to your own Applications/job management portal of our website, you screen them, you choose and communicate with the entertainers yourself.

The applications will come to you un-screened by us so yes you will have a variety of girls applying to you, you will just need to arrange your own short lists, and the functionality on our website allows you to do that. You can mark applications filled, not suitable, make notes & Bookmark your favourite applicants and much more.

So if your management style is to plan ahead for the year and look to the future as opposed to Day by day then we highly suggest that you get your club online with us. At a Fixed fee and Flat rate of only US$170 per club page per month it is cheap, and you pay nothing more when you get dancers in your club. Most Strippers & exotic dancers like to plan ahead, they plan where they want to travel to in advance so they take advantage of cheaper travel tickets and set up their work schedules in advance.

Stripper & Exotic Dancer Recruitment