Pole dancing classes near me

Pole dancing classes near me. As an international exotic & pole dancing jobs agency, we get a large number of enquiries from people that are researching how to get in to our industry.

How do I get started in pole dancing & becoming an exotic dancer in one or more of the clubs that you have listed on your website?

That is the most popular question that we get asked from eager first timers. Usually what we suggest is for each person to go to do some pole dancing classes at a school and learn some moves and get more confident for when it comes time to do an audition on stage at a club.

Where do I find pole dancing classes near me? That is the next question and we advise them simply to do a search online for a pole dancing school in or around the area where they are living. This does not have to be just training for a dancing job, pole dancing classes are an amazing way to get fit & flexible and are a lot of fun.

Our second piece of advice is to go to an upmarket, nice, good quality well run Gentlemen’s Club as a customer, buy some drinks, have some fun, go with some friends. The reason for this is so that they can go in and relax, look around the club, watch the dancers performing both on stage and on the club floor.

Third stage is we recommend they choose their favourite dancer in the club that night for what ever reason it may be, and pay her to give them a lap dance. During that lap dance they will get to see exactly what will be required of them if they start dancing, & it is also a great chance to ask a few questions to an experience dancer and get some advice.

After having completed all of these steps, the experience will provide a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, to assist the person in deciding whether or not they wish to proceed and do a trial run working as an exotic dancer, or choose not to.

Like most jobs there is a lot of on the job training, learning from experience, what to do, what not to do or not to say to a customer next time. There is generally a bit of down time at every club when dancers are working and waiting for customers to come in, this time is also utilized by a lot of dancers by getting up on stage and training how to do new pole dancing moves, learning and getting tips from other dancers in the club with.

The smaller Gentlemen’s clubs tend to be a bit more personal, Managers know dancers names and the entertainers are friends. The larger clubs with 100 to 300 dancer on per day are a lot less personal but you are working in a club to make as much money as you can so choosing the right club is important. Click here to read our Frequently asked Questions

Professional Exotic Entertainers generally train in pole dancing & enroll in schools and are always learning and improving their skills and moves. Feature dancers choreograph amazing themed shows and incorporate amazing pole dance skills through out their performances.


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