This Message is ONLY for Club owners & Managers IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ  (If you do not want to list a Club & only need to list a normal job in your club please just scroll down a bit and fill in the form on this page.

Club Owners & Managers To make this easy for you please follow the STEPS below

  1. Click on THE BUTTON below to create your Club Listing
  2. You will be directed back to this page. You can use the main form on this page to submit regular club jobs for staff, you can add as many jobs as you like.
  3. You only have to do this 1 time then we will contact you to discuss your Listing options with you (if you have already done this, no need to do again


Choose a package

  • Purchase Package:

  • This option allows you to pay Quarterly, 3 months in advance. 3 Months is a good time to get some club exposure with dancers and get applications.

  • If you pay per year, we offer you 14 months for the rice of 12 months. 12 months allows us to build up the reputation of your club online with the dancers, and get you huge Exposure to Exotic dancers worldwide.

  • For all new clubs that wish to advertise on our website, take advantage of our Introductory Club Listing Pay 3 months get 5 Months offer.

    If you are serious about your club recruitment you need to dedicate time to it and we will help you.