Lap dancers wanted Worldwide

Lap dancers wanted Worldwide. We work with and recruit Lap dancers for a selection of quality gentlemen’s clubs around the world who trust us to attract beautiful and talented entertainers to go and work in their establishments.

Busama Entertainment are always looking to hire entertainers and all of the clubs we work with are hiring all year round, so it is always a good time to apply.

If you are a first timer and looking for some more information, Lap dancers is an alternative name for exotic dancers or strippers, because all of these entertainers perform Lap dances for paying customers in the clubs they are working in. VIP dances, Lap Dances, couch dances, Private dances are a few names they are referred by. Usually in these performances the lap dancers have body contact with a customer who is sitting down.

Performing a lap dance differs from a table dance, where during the performance, the dancer is close to a customer that is sitting down, but there is no body contact. Usually performed nude, topless or wearing not much at all, depending on the particular laws of the city/ country the club is located and the rules of each particular venue.

Generally Lap dancers do not get paid a salary to work inside a club, in fact they are the ones that have to pay the club for the opportunity of being able to make money in that venue (although there have been many law suits involving Lap dancers & Gentlemen’s Clubs in the USA where the entertainers sued for the right to be paid a base wage)

Outside of the USA most good clubs across Europe do provide a base salary amount per day, so if the club happens not to be busy at least the dancers walk away with something. Performing on stage for tips from customers, being given tips while working off stage and sitting with customers, and enticing the customers in to the Private dance room are generally the main avenues from where Lap dancers receive their earnings.

With full-contact lap dances, they perform in non-penetrative sexual contact with the patron, such as “grinding” his or her body against the patron. In some venues the clubs offer the customers larger portions of time called VIP Room dances in a “champagne room”, which is a private room usually located in the back of a club. This allows dancers to make more money by pre selling a larger blocked number of dance sessions to the customer, and the customer can relax for longer than 1 song and enjoy drinking and talking.

 In many clubs, the length of a lap dance is measured by the length of the song being played by the club’s DJ. Charges for all of these variations of private dancers differ very much from club to club. First timers to the industry are always welcome in most clubs, but we generally do not allow a first time dancer to book a venue where long distance or international travel is involved. We think it is best for you to try to work in a quality gentlemen’s club closer to your home or not far from, just to make sure that you like to do the job first.

If you are an experienced Exotic entertainer, we would like to invite you to create a FREE account on our website, we have clubs in Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, Lafayette Louisiana & New York in the USA, Australia, Auckland & Wellington in New Zealand, are just to name a few, plus Malta, Paris, Copenhagen Denmark, Helsinki Finland, Lebanon, Cape Town South Africa.

All you need to do is use our Quick Resume creator on the Apply page to create your application and once you submit that it is stored on your Private profile, you only need to do this 1 time, and then you go to every club page you like around the world and Click the “Apply for Job” button and your saved Application will auto attach to that club.

Professional lap dancers are always looking for new clubs to work in and new places to travel to, and good money to make, so keep check our website as new clubs are joining us all the time. Our agency Dancer team is always available to help you if you need it, offer advice on what clubs are best at certain times of the year, so just ask, it is free, why not try us.

Looking to create a safe, secure, one stop recruitment tool and source of information for Exotic Dancers that like to travel.