Las Vegas update May 2012

We have all been waiting so long for these dancer visas to be available so you guys can work in Las Vegas. First of all, although it is not Busama Entertainments fault, we do apologise to all entertainers that have applied and have been waiting so long.

Basically what happened is a certain number of visas were given out and then the rules were changed by the US immigration and that means the certifications for the visa company needed to be started again from scratch. Apart from that we experienced some problems here in Australia with the US Consulate staff and they declined a few dancers who also had their visa waiver priviledges taken from them, and that was not fair at all. We are still excited about the opportunity of being able to send dancers to work in Las Vegas clubs legally, and we will be patient and see what happens.

If for some reason nothing happens, then it is out of our control. The most recent update from our partners in las Vegas is they hope to have everything sorted out by June or July 2012 so only a couple more months. We will see how it goes and until then we will continue to advertise those dancing positions.

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