some nude dancing & stripper jobs clubs Brisbane Australia

For our Australian dancers, first timers to exotic dancing and for all of our international entertainers that are looking for jobs Bookings nude dancing and stripper jobs, we welcome you to come and Discover Brisbane, the sunny, highly developed capital city of Queensland in Australia, and entryway to its many famous attractions.

Brisbane is a very diverse and multicultural amazing city which has seen so much growth and change in the past decade, the city is a place where South Bank’s cultural institutions and restaurants meet riverside gardens and a lagoon. Take a paddle steamer or ferry down the Brisbane River, abseil Kangaroo Point cliffs and bike ride through the City Botanic Gardens. Day trip to the Islands in Moreton bay or add Noosa, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast hinterland to your itinerary. We book 3 great clubs in Brisbane and all part of the same club chain, we have a club for everyone. One of the clubs is located in Fortitude Valley which is still in the heart of the city, the second club is located in Caxton Street which is not far from Brisbane’s Iconic Suncorp stadium, which holds many of the most popular sporting events for the different season throughout the year, during  and especially after the games this club sees  lot of customers walking in and spending money, and then there is the third and final club located on Petrie terrace, just around the corner from Caxton street, and this great little club also sees a lot of the foot traffic from customers coming out of the games. Like many other destinations around the world the rules in Gentlemen’s clubs for nude dancing and stripper jobs vary. In Australia it depends on the state the club is in. In Queensland and I the clubs in Brisbane the lap dances are contact lap dances, which means the clubs can touch the girls during a lap dance, the level of touching is mild and is usually controlled by the dancers, but in case any customers get out of control, “we teach you how to control your own lap dances and how to handle situations if guys get a bit too gropy. Plus we have friendly staff that will always assist and step in for you.” We also book 2 amazing an iconic clubs in Adelaide and that is in a state called South Australia, the rules here in all clubs are no contact, which means the customer cannot touch the dancers at all. Needless to say there are dancers that don’t mind and are used to the contact dances, and there are others that only prefer to work in non contact venues, I will discuss our cool clubs in Adelaide in another article. In regards to Brisbane in general we are told that the average earnings per week can vary greatly, like in all clubs, the amount of money a dancer makes is dependent on a few things, one being her ability to hustle well, to be able to provide great customer service, and the ability to be a great actor. Like in most clubs around the world that we work with, it is impossible to keep 100% of the dancers happy in the club all the time and not all dancers will like working in all clubs. 10 dancers will tell us the club is awesome and they make great money, and then the next 2 girls will say it is shit and they will never want to go there again. The clubs in Brisbane tend to get busy later in the evenings, most of the girls on shift in the club will have been sitting around for a couple of hours with not much to do, unless they brought their customers in early, and then at around 10.30pm 11pm things start to get busier and tend to crank up until morning. Brisbane is a great place to visit and work and make some money and there is a lot to do there, so get in touch with Busama Entertainment and have a chat about your trip.

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