Strip club list

Strip club list

Building our Strip Club list of quality gentlemen’s clubs is our main priority during every year that we operate our business. There are so many amazing quality Strip/Gentlemen’s Clubs all over the world, and on the other hand there are also a huge number of terrible low quality, cheap & sleazy clubs.

Although there are a very big number of great Gentlemen’s/ Strip clubs out there, the difficulty for us as an exotic dancing jobs agency/ Strip club list website, is to try to connect with them & make contact with the owners or club Management.

Connecting with new clubs

Our single biggest hurdle when trying to connect with new clubs is actually connecting at all. I think our team must send out at least 400 messages a year to clubs that we find online in many different countries, yet it is practically impossible to get a reply. We are always hoping to connect with the owners & Managers of good clubs around the world, so even if you just want some questions answered please get in touch with us.

We understand that there are a lot of great clubs out there that do not need any assistance to attract new Exotic dancers to come to work with them, as they have great reputations, a successful club and dancer operating system and big marketing budgets. There are also a big percentage of quality clubs that do require some outsourced recruitment and marketing help from Stripper & Exotic dancer Agencies like Busama Entertainment.

Whether you are new to owning a Gentlemen’s/ Strip club or you are just looking for an extra tool or resource to add to your Exotic dancer recruitment plan, we are always open to accepting new clubs and adding them to our featured clubs board.

Our strip club list of featured Gentlemen’s/ Strip clubs is always growing and changing, some clubs join us briefly and other venues stay online with us for the long term. Not all Exotic dancers like every club they work in, every dancer has something different to say about any club they have worked in. Twenty dancers might say they loved one particular club, made great money, the management was very professional, and then there will be another select number of dancers that did not like the same club and do not have any good feedback at all.

It is impossible to satisfy everyone, whether they are a Club owner/ Manager, or an Exotic dancer working in the clubs. One thing we can do, is get your club seen by thousands of Exotic dancers all over the world.

Strip Club List Australia

Australia has some really great clubs and depending on which state the club is located in, the rules can be quite different in terms of the levels of nudity and private dancing. Apart from the clubs, there is also a big pub stripper industry across Australia, with topless bar maids, dancers featuring at pubs all over the country and in rural areas, such as the Skimpys in Western Australia.

There are also a very big number of stripper agencies across the country that provide other popular services such as topless waitresses for private events and strippers for other private functions and bachelor parties.

New South Wales

Clubs located in New South Wales have no contact rules in private dances, meaning the customers cannot touch the girls at all. There are some really great clubs in Sydney and we would love to connect and work with clubs in Sydney.


Most clubs in Queensland are opposite the New South Wales and light touching is allowed by the customer in private dances. We work with some great clubs in Brisbane. The Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Rockhampton, Mackay, Toowoomba and Townsville also host some of Queensland’s top gentlemen’s Clubs.

South Australia

The no contact in private dances rule is also employed by top venues in South Australia, namely Adelaide where some of Australia’s best clubs reside.


So far we do not have any experience with gentlemen’s clubs In Tasmania, there are not many clubs there.


One of the main and most popular destinations and locations for quality gentlemen’s Clubs is Victoria, with a slew of great clubs living here in the city of Melbourne. We would love to work with a few clubs in Melbourne but again, very tough to connect with the clubs owners/ Managers. Like South Australia and New South Wales there is a no contact rule in private dances.

Western Australia

Perth is another top destination for exotic dancers in Australia, with a selection of really nice clubs situated in this lovely city. No contact private dances here as well, and we would welcome any clubs in Perth working with us.

Australian Capital Territory

Canberra city is home to a couple of excellent clubs, and a popular destination on the Australian gentlemen’s Club circuit. We would very much like to add more clubs to our Australian clubs list.

Northern territory

Darwin is home to a couple of great little strip clubs, and is also a popular location for exotic dancers to drop in to for work on the Ozzie Clubs circuit.

New Zealand clubs

New Zealand can be a long way to travel to for most people, except if you are on the east coast of Australia. There are some lovely clubs there and we have worked with great clubs in Auckland & Wellington for a few years. There are clubs scattered all over New Zealand and we would be excited to work with more venues there.

European venues

Depending on which country that you travel to across Europe the rules, clubs, management style and club systems can be very different. European clubs outside the United Kingdom offer a set base salary per shift, this is not offered by most other clubs around the world.

Typically many very small clubs in Europe offer this set base salary per day as an extra incentive to attract girls to work with them. The dancers know that no matter what they will make their set salary for that day and this can be a big draw for getting dancers to the club.

Depending on the club, dancers can walk away after an 8 hour shift actually owing the club and be minus with their earnings for that day, which is not a great thing at all. We work with some lovely clubs in Paris, HelsinkiVenus Bar, Waterloo Nightclub, Bada Bing Gentlemen’s Club in Denmark. Malta is also another popular destination for European dancers during the summer season we work with a lovely club in Paceville.

There are a huge number of gentlemen’s/strip clubs all over the United Kingdom, we work with this great venue in Birmingham, but there are lots of others scattered all over the country and we would like to invite UK club owners to work with us.

Strip club list USA

The highest concentration of Gentlemen’s clubs in the world is in the USA. Thousands of clubs located in all the states in America. The better American clubs tend to also be the best places for exotic dancers to work and make the best money in comparison to most other clubs around the world. Let’s face it when we think of strippers the first thing that comes to mind is the USA, Las Vegas, American dollars, lap dances and tips raining down on stage.

We are working on a rapid expansion plan in an effort to increase the number of American clubs that we work with, and we would like to shout out to club owners across the USA and ask you to join us. We have so many dancers looking for new clubs to work in all the time. We already work with some awesome clubs in Los Angeles California, Lafayette Louisiana, Myrtle Beach South Carolina and New York.

Strip Club list Japan

Japan is home to a number of different styles of clubs with hostess clubs being the most popular. There are still a large number of gentlemen’s/ strip clubs across Japan including Tokyo, Okinawa, Sapporo, Osaka and elsewhere. The strip clubs scene was huge in Tokyo during the late 1980’s through to the late 1990’s during the bubble period in Japan. From the year 2000 onwards the Japanese strip club scene changed dramatically, rules became stricter, clubs and other businesses in certain red light district locations were forced out to make way for the construction of new shopping centers and generally what was called urban renewal.

A handful of quality clubs still remain and Japan is an amazing country to visit.

Strip club list Caribbean

St Maarten is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean with a handful of nice clubs operating there. We work with an amazing venue in St Maarten, busy club, very well run with great management and provides the opportunity for their dancers to earn good money consistently.

We would like to host at least 60 more quality gentlemen’s clubs around the world on our website, so we can provide an extensive choice of exotic dancing jobs to the dancers that are registered with us, so please get in touch with us if you are a gentlemen’s club owner.