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Stripper jobs striptease dancing jobs strip club Brisbane. This amazing club is just one of the 3 top clubs in Brisbane that we are booking dancers into, and all 3 clubs are owned by the same company. We are always looking for entertainers to recruit for this great club.

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Our International Clubs are ALWAYS hiring dancers

Stripper jobs striptease dancing jobs strip club Brisbane. The company that owns this club, also owns 2 other excellent clubs in Brisbane, ask us about them.  We would like to introduce you to yet another very upmarket strip club addition to the Australia’s growing list of upscale gentlemen’s Club list.

This gorgeous strip club is located on Caxton Street in Brisbane, Australia, which is not far from Suncorp Stadium and just around the corner from their Petrie Terrace club. This club sees some excellent foot traffic after many of the main games or events that are held at the stadium and that means money! These guys really have the formula right. Dancers are well looked after and provided with top of the line security and beautiful well equipped dressing rooms, and a house mother to oversee it all and be there to help out any dancers that need assistance. This comes in very handy for the new girls because it means you have someone there to help you with what to wear and advice on how to work. The choice of exotic dancing clubs in Brisbane is growing and with strip clubs like this, dancers can feel comfortable and safe at work while they make their money and show off their stage dancing skills.

We are calling out to all experienced and beginner dancers for Stripper jobs striptease dancing jobs strip club Brisbane, contact us and let us give you some information about this club and we can even arrange for you to go in and have a tour of the club, talk to the manager and see what it is all about. The meeting is just a meeting and a look around, no dancing required, just a kind of interview if you prefer to think of it that way. Let us know.

We also book two other amazing clubs that are also located in Brisbane Australia. The other clubs are in Fortitude Valley & Petrie Terrace in Brisbane city too. Please ask us for the club and dancer system for our other clubs.


club information


Here is a summary

Accommodation for dancers
Accommodation is not provided. However, we can assist you in finding accommodation around the local area
All of our venues are located near back packer accommodation or boutique style accommodation (depending on your style and budget)
Days & times club is open
The club is open 5 nights a week from 7pm – late (3am on week days and 5am on week-ends) CLOSED Sunday and Monday
Days dancers must work
We have a range of options for dancers to pick shifts

Option 1 3 nights including both Friday AND Saturday night and 1 other shift of your choice

Option 2 4 nights including EITHER Friday or Saturday night and 3 other shifts of your choice

• If you are unable to do option 1 or 2 then an extra $100 DOOR FEE applies per week on top of the normal nightly door fee. This $100 fee must be paid on your first shift for the week. We are happy to refund this $100 door fee to you at the end of the week, if you end up working 3 or more full shifts.

• If you can do option 1, but not both the Friday and Saturday then an extra $50 DOOR FEE applies per week on top of the normal nightly door fee.
Dress regulations
We have an exquisite fit out, so we have high expectations for dancers presentation.
We are a stage tipping club, so our dress code is skimpy, sexy and classy
We encourage dancers to wear Lingerie, bikinis, little dresses etc.
All dancers must wear 6 inch stilettos and present like a “dancer”
We will explain more about presentation at the interview and in induction
Table dances
Not offered at this club
Lap dance prices
QLD is full nude and touching. Clients are not permitted to touch the genitalia and we must have staff members supervising you at all times.

Dancers make the following in lap dances

10 minutes – $45
20 minutes – $75
30 minutes – $90
60 minutes – $160
Just topless or Full nude
Full nude, open leg work club
How many stages
1 stage. Dancers are on stage for 3 songs. You make good money on stage in our club, so girls always want to do stage. Stage is not worked around lap dances which dancers seem to like.
Do you have poles on stage
1 spinning pole.
Tipping stage, stage lights up, designed for dancers to make money
Yes you keep all of your tips. However, you must do a service if you receive a tip.
How much do your dancers make
Dancers make anywhere from $600 – $3000 a week (depends on how hard you work)
Club fees
Nightly Door Fee = $ 30

Other Fees

1. No show (no call) $100
2. Shift cancellation Make up shift of clubs choice + $100 fee at managers discretion
3. Leaving early $100-200
4. Late $50 per hour
Dancers can be picked up from airport if not feeling confident
We always interview first and if happy with interview you can start straight away
We have a thorough induction program and training program now
Area surrounding your club
This club is located in the heart of Paddington – very close to the city and not far from the Valley.
Close to great nightlife and nice restaurants
Plenty of things to do around in Brisbane on your days off – southbank, Gold Coast, movies, shopping, parks

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Wall of travelers

  • Thank you for everything you guys at Busama Entertainment. Tomorrow will be my last night. I worked 24 nights at the club, every night they were open. I liked working there: the girls are really nice, the management is quiet professional and the money was good.

    Claudia Exotic Dancer
  • Hey Busama Team. Having a great time so far, girls and club are lovely and made $750 dollars today which is like 450 pounds so I'm happy with that 🙂 Would definitely recommend this club to all the girls.

    Phoenix Exotic Dancer
  • Thanks to the team at Busama Entertainment. My time at Love & Rockets Petrie Tce was great, very classy club, good management and decent money! I would definitely go back if I travel back to Brisbane (and will of course book through you)

    Porscha Exotic Dancer
  • Thank you so much! I'm very happy, I'm making the money your website says you could make, I like the people, the weather is perfect. I'm very satisfied working for your agency! Again thank you very much.

    April Exotic Dancer
  • Hi team Busama Entertainment, I am now travelling Thailand for a month or so, but have left my belongings with the club, so my intentions are to return in late Feb. and work for an extra week before moving on to Auckland.  Management was great at the club, nice environment and a pleasure.

    Victoria Exotic Dancer
  • I'm leaving the LA club on Friday but I have nothing but good things to say about this club! The accommodation was very clean,nice,and peaceful. I made money. You get free food from the club menu and drinks when you work,there's no house fee,the staff is so respectful to the girls! The managers take great care of you and help you make money and make you feel safe. Literally the best club I've worked at!The Managers are awesome and not creepy like other club managers. They really treat the girls well here and I can't say that about a lot of places. I would recommend this club to any girl who's comfortable working nude

    A Exotic Dancer

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