Stripper Jobs + Strippers

Stripper Jobs and Strippers are in high demand all over the world. Gentlemen’s Clubs, Agencies & private events are always looking to recruit new talent to place in to their clubs or their jobs bookings.

With agencies like Busama Entertainment & many others offering stripper jobs in a wide range of clubs all over the world, in reputable, upmarket clubs that provide a safe working environment for entertainers, it makes it a lot easier for dancers to source good clubs to work in.

Thanks to the internet a wide range of blogs, forums and other sites where dancers from all over the world can access, talk to each other, ask questions about certain venues and get feedback from other women that have already worked in those clubs and can share their experiences.

It is very important for dancers to be wary about where they work and who they work for so these resources are a very important and welcome addition to the adult industry.

As an agency we are constantly answering questions about stripper jobs in clubs and one of the most frequently asked questions is “How much money can I make there a night?”

Now while most might think Getting a stripper job can be easy, all I need to do is take off my clothes and I will make good money, there is a LOT more involved to stay in this line of work and doing well requires more than just good looks.

You also need some sophisticated inter-personal & sales skills, and be a fantastic actor, because let’s face it, you dance under stage name, and that stage names reflects your stripper character and when you are working you will develop personas and change them depending on each customer you meet and what they are like. So you might act and talk differently with a construction worker, as you would with a businessman or another female customer for example.

So 3 different Dancers can start in the same club on the same busy night and the amount of money they take home that shift will depend largely on the skills they have. But there are also many other factors involved.

What do you need?

Like any other Job if you are thinking about entering the Stripper jobs industry, you will need to be serious, do it well and professionally. Always look your best and like you would for other jobs you will need to invest in the tools of your trade and in your appearance (Make up, shoes, dresses and outfits & accessories, may be some ongoing pole dancing classes, gym membership etc.)

Depending on where you choose to work, like if you are stripping in Las Vegas for example, you will need to pay for licenses and other documents to be able to work, a Sheriffs card for example. Once you are confident about your skills, you may then want to start traveling to other clubs in your country or in other countries and paying flights and accommodation as well.

You will need to be able to dance and entertain, although you won’t need to be a professional pole dancer, you can get by with the basics, it all depends on how serious you want to take your dancing career.

Of course the main trait you will need is to be an exhibitionist and be comfortable getting naked in front of others on stage and in public depending on the particular job you might be booked for.

You will not do very well unless you have very good social skills and enjoy meeting new people and as we have already mentioned above you need to be good at sales & acting as this is how you make your money.
You have to be able to handle working long hours in the night and sometimes during the day if the Strip club you are working in happens to be open during the day time.

If you think you are committed to all of those things then you should be ready to get started.

Strip Club

There are different options you can choose from when considering stripper jobs. The most common is in a strip club, also known as Gentlemen’s club. This means you work as a stripper in the club and follow the system and rules there.

You will need to do several stage shows per shift and your income is based on commission, lap dance sales, VIP room sales, tips on stage when you perform and on the floor sitting with customers, different clubs have different types of packages and various pricing options and commissions depending on the type of performance the dancer manages to sell to the customer. It is also possible to earn commissions on drinks and bottle sales like champagnes and wines, spirits etc., also depending on the club and whether or not they offer that type of revenue stream for dancers.

Stripper Agency Jobs

Another really popular option is to register with an agency and get hired for private parties and other VIP functions & events. This can be hen or bachelor parties or other private celebrations like birthdays, events on super yachts and VIP Villas and private residences.

Sometimes you might even get booked for a private international events where your flights, accommodation and food are paid for, and a set fee for a few days, those are fun.

You will typically do one show for each event and get paid a set amount for that, or get paid per hour, depending on what your agent has negotiated with the client.

Show examples

Some typical show examples when working with agencies might be: ALL SERVICES ARE STRICTLY NON SEXUAL of course, they are just shows performed.

X-rated shows are suitable for 21st birthdays or for those that want something a little more risqué. Not for the faint hearted. From cream delight to lengths of pearls.

Strawberries and Cream show, the showgirls strip naked, give everyone a sweet view and then provide the guest of honor with a strawberry delight treat by placing whipped cream on her body and dipping strawberries into it!
Masturbation show, a full nude show with open leg work and special attention to the guest of honor, and then the showgirl satisfies herself with her hands.
Pearl Show The surprise inside. Seductively strip off to nothing whilst she interacts with members of the audience. As a finale, the showgirl with the help of the guest of honor, removes a long string of pearls from her vagina.

Basic Toy shows, Dominatrix Shows, Lesbian Duos are also some other popular show options.

How successful you are depends on how serious you actually take your stripper jobs career and how much effort and time you put in to the different skills required.

Mastering the sales element of the job comes with the time, as you will discover whilst you are working. Study sales techniques and learn from more experienced dancers.

What to look for to find the best stripper jobs:

There are reasons why this industry has a bad reputation, so you have to be critical when choosing which club to work in. Clubs that have been around for a while and are established will always have a regular client base.

This will increase your earning potential in that club. Other things to check out are how the club pays out. Is it cash in hand by the end of every shift, or do they pay by bank transfer? Other to check for before getting a stripper job in a club:
Accommodation – will the club arrange this or do you have to find a place?
Travel expenses – does the club cover any of that?
Location of the club and your accommodation – how to get back and forth to work.
Working systems – champagne or lap dancing. Make yourself familiar with these two styles.

The process to refine your skills, knowledge, and the way you work can take months and even years, but if you have a great club owner or manager offering guidance, it will help a lot. The other most important resource for success is from other experienced dancers, listen to those that are successful!

Working as a stripper or Exotic dancer is mentally tough. Not only do you work when most other people sleep, but you have to deal with drunk customers and also provocative & sometimes derogatory comments and suggestions. Naturally, the rules of conduct are very different to a regular day-job.

There are so many great dancers in the world who have managed to get so much life experience, adventure and capital out of stripping. But if that is your goal, just remember it is not going to be easy and whether you achieve your personal and financial goals will depend on how dedicated you are to your stripper jobs career, and constantly adapting and learning new skills.