Strippers for hire | Female Strippers

Unless you become involved in the adult & stripper industry in some way, you wont realize just how much demand there is for Strippers for Hire.

We launched our agency in 2007 after a few dancers that we knew at that time kept asking us for a bigger selection of clubs to dance and make money in, so begun our journey and we began building our Strip Club List & providing Strippers for Hire.

Our Company only works with female strippers, and we essentially recruit for Gentlemen’s Clubs all over the world and provide a kind of temp agency service to Strip clubs and Private events, placing entertainers in to stripper jobs.

We do also offer a permanent recruitment option where required. Our main focus is to connect with quality gentlemen’s Clubs around the world that provide a professional & safe working environment and the opportunity for our female strippers to make good money consistently every day and/or a solid income stream each week they work.

Obviously another very important priority for our agency is to attract Strippers from all over the world to visit our website & browse the partner clubs that we recruit for. This enables us to be constantly building our database of strippers for hire and provide more dancers to present to each of the clubs that utilize our recruitment services.

Strip/ Gentlemen’s Clubs

Quite frankly we face 2 main challenges, and they are a catch 22 situation: The first is that we simply cannot provide enough female Strippers for hire to keep up with the demand from each club in regards to the numbers of dancers that each club requests all year round.

The second is that we have difficulty attracting larger numbers of quality clubs to work with us, simply because the clubs are so difficult to get in contact with. We have contacted more than 2000 Gentlemen’s Clubs across the USA over the past 3 years and not a single club has replied to our messages. This to us is a huge shock, considering how many American dancers we have asking us for more clubs to book them in to.

Due to the fact we can only attract a limited number of clubs to list on our website there is a large portion of strippers visiting our strip club list online that will not apply simply because we may not have any club options that are either in their immediate area or not far away from. More clubs equals more dancer numbers which equals more female strippers for hire for all venues.

While we do understand that there is big percentage of Gentlemen’s Clubs that have no requirement to use a recruitment agent because they have no problem attracting dancers to work in their clubs, there is also a huge number of Strip clubs that can & do benefit from using services such as the ones that we offer by providing strippers for hire.

If you are a Gentlemen’s Club owner and/or Manager and you do need to boost your entertainer numbers, whether it be all year round or just temporarily during peak season times, please get in touch with us for a chat.

Our agency is Australian owned and although our office is based in beautiful Thailand, we are an online business and our data base of entertainers is huge and international. We have large numbers of Americans, Australians, Europeans, New Zealanders & Asians just to name a few, as well as South Africans, Latinos, Brazilians & many other South American Countries. Russian, Eastern Europeans from Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Romania and many more amazing origin nationalities all registered with our agency to provide their expertise as strippers for hire.

Our recruitment system & pricing

 Looking at what we have to offer it is surprising to us that we are unable to attract more Strip clubs to work with us. Basically every club listing is FREE, we list your clubs name, Logo and club picture, along with the answers provided by you on our Club application form. The information entails questions about your clubs dancer system and over all club description and summary.

Once we have posted your club on to our Strip Club List, our team actively markets your club page via all of our marketing channels, social media outlets, email and word of mouth, and drives dancers to apply. Our team then communicates with each applicant to suggest club options.

We ask for 1 or more club contacts that we can communicate with and send and discuss every dancer application that we send to them. We provide an intro video and pictures of each dancer and her basic details. Once a dancer is accepted by the club they pay their own travel and accommodation expenses (unless the club provides accommodation and some kind of flight/travel reimbursement incentives).

You only pay us a small agency fee of US$25 (for clubs in the U.S.A) per dancer per day worked, different pricing for other countries. We invoice you every 2 weeks and you pay, easy! You only pay us if we have dancers working in your club, NO dancers working, you pay us nothing at all, yet you still get free advertising and online exposure on our website.

We would like to invite club owners/ Managers from the U.S.A and all around the world to join us, we usually work alongside your existing club recruitment team and act as an extra resource for strippers for hire, and we very much need to attract a lot more strip clubs to join us so that we can offer more options to our female strippers when they are looking at which clubs to apply to work with.

Private functions VIP events

Predominantly we recruit for Gentlemen’s clubs, but we do also occasionally get requests to provide strippers for hire to International Private functions such as Bachelor & Bachelorette parties, nightclubs and other VIP events on Mega yachts and private residences.

These events all require booking confirmation deposit payments as well as all travel, visas, hotel accommodations, meals and contract terms provided. We have provided entertainers for some really fun events over the years in Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, USA and many others that we are not allowed to mention due to our strict client privacy policies. WE