Strippers name how to choose the right one

Strippers name how to choose the right one?

Whether you are just starting out as a first timer in the industry or you are a seasoned professional, it is very important that you get the correct strippers name and here are some suggestions on how to choose the right one for you.

Strippers use stage names, meaning the name they use when they are performing, the main reason for this is for their personal privacy and no one knowing their real names, and so they can choose to give themselves a name to match who their character is when they are working in the club and dancing on stage.

The generic Strippers name is something like Jewel, Porsche, Sheena, Crystal, Tiffany & Amber are popular. These are names that are used by the larger percentage of dancers that are not imaginative enough to come up with something original, and if you are an exotic dancer that likes to travel, you will probably be working in a lot of different clubs and all that will happen if you have a generic name if you will go in to every club and someone will already have that stage name and you will have to change it anyway if you want to work there.

If it is quite obvious that you are using a fake name customers in the club will always ask you what your real name is, so come up with a name that is real but not too difficult. Really try to think about what character you wish to portray, what kind of look and feeling that you want to project, what outfits you plan to wear and what music you are going to dance on stage & perform to, and choose a name that will compliment so the name you choose needs to truly reflect your sexy alter ego!.

The name you choose will effect everything from the way customers first think about you when you whisper your name in their ears or when the DJ calls your name out on stage in the club for everyone to hear, and in turn this name will have an effect on how much money you make as that stage character. You want your name to leave the same big impression your dancing skills give off.

Once you have your stage name you might find that you start using it in every day life too outside of the club meeting people for the first time. You have your friends calling you by your real name and others that you may have just met calling you by your strippers name (although they wont know it is a strippers name just the name you gave them) it can be a lot of fun really if you feel like assuming another identity outside the club from time to time.

Check out these below to give you some ideas and options, who knows one of these might be perfect for you and you had not thought of it.

Athena Anya Adele
Amazon Artemis Ariadne
Alaska Astro Blair
Bentley Boston Bristol
Beatrix Buffy Brooke
Bailey Beretta Bandit
Brinkley Calista Carlotta
Calamity Calixta Cleo
Coral Carter Devyn
Dallas Desdemona Domino
Delphine Danica Dodger
Dixie Dominique Dalla
Delphi Evangeline Elektra
Evren Ember Elsa
Endellion Emersyn Eon
Echo Eden Fawn
Fiona Fiona Fallon
Fantasia Felicity Freya
Gemma Greer Harlow
Hunter Harley Henley
Hale Hermione Ivy
Indigo India Ion
Juno Jinx Juniper
Jaiyana Joan Jade
Jovi Jewel Jupiter
Katana Katniss Kahina
Kamala Kendra Karma
Klara Luna Lark
Lyra London Lux
Livia Lexis Lennox
Lennon Lisbeth Lourde
Larkin Morgana Maeve
Maxine Moana Mulan
Mamba Moxie Monique
Medusa Myra Natalia
Naomi Nadia Nova
Nia Nike Nikita
Ophelia Olive Opal
Octavia Oakley Odessa
Orion Piper Petra
Pia Paisley Peyton
Pandora Paige Roxy
Rowan Ruby Reese
Rhyder Ronya Ripley
Radium Raina Ryland
Ramona Rory Rebel
Rouge River Rey
Raquel Sydney Shabina
Santana Saturn Sonya
Sapphire Scout Suri
Skye Simone Sabra
Sawyer Sloane Seven
Sirena Saga Shiloh
Sage Scarlett Trinity
Tris Tess Topaz
Teal Taika Teagan
Tempest Taya Taryn
Thora Terra Tequila
Tove Quinn Vivica
Vada Volt Vapor
Vienna Venus Valentina
Victory Vegas Wrena
Willa Winter Wynn
Winslet Xena Yvette
Yvonne Ziva Zara
Zen Zoe Zona
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