Strippers Web Portal

We have created this Strippers Web Portal for Exotic Dancing Jobs page to explain our agency services and what we do. There are thousands of Gentlemen’s & Strip Clubs all over the world & if you are an Exotic Dancer looking for a new club to work in, you might find it difficult to find a good club and then how do you know if it is a good club or not.

20 Years ago we were working for 9 clubs in Tokyo and only recruiting dancers for those clubs, but every day we received applications from entertainers all over the world, asking us if we knew of any other good clubs that they can try to work in, in any other countries. At that time we did not, but after completing our contracts with the clubs in Tokyo, we set up our Strippers Web portal called Busama Entertainment and started contacting Quality Gentlemen’s Clubs all over the world to see if they might like to work with our Agency.

Surprisingly there were a lot of Clubs that needed help getting dancers and there still is, and because we already had quite a few dancers asking us for jobs, we simply connected everyone. We have had over 25 years of experience working inside Strip clubs around the world as Private Dance Security, Bar Staff, as Management, Club Management & Dancer Management so we have seen just about every situation that could arise from working inside a Gentlemen’s Club.

Now that we have been working on our Strippers Web portal as an Agent for over 20 years, we have experienced pretty much everything that both Dancers & Agents run in to when you have entertainers working in clubs all over the world. We are NOT perfect, we don’t know everything and like you, unless we actually go into a club we do not 100% know what it is like for dancers to work there.

Fortunately, we have a large group of friends all over the world that are always looking for Exotic Dancing jobs & new adventures in different countries, and they happily go to check out these new clubs for us and report feedback to us about what they liked and did not like about each location.

It is almost impossible to find a Quality Gentlemen’s Club that everyone is happy to work in, 10 dancers could work in the same club and 7 will say they loved it and 3 will say it was ok but they wont go back for whatever reason.

All we can do as an agency is to try our best using the experience we have to find and work with quality clubs that provide a good safe & comfortable working environment, treat the dancers with respect (as long as the dancers do the same to the club), and provide an opportunity for dancers to make good money.

Some clubs offer extra incentives like free accommodation or accommodation at a great rental fee, others may offer some kind of flight money paid back, but although these are great options not that many clubs provide them.

If a club has all these things, then it is up to the dancer to make the most of them and do make money. Yes all clubs have rules and agree to go by those rules before starting work, so if there are rules that you really are not happy with then do not work in that club, if you are traveling to a club try to get a copy of the clubs rules BEFORE you go so you know what you are getting yourself in to.

Our Agency can confidently say that all of the clubs we work with offer most of these requirements, and if by chance we get bad feedback about a club from too many dancers, we stop working with that venue quite quickly. We are not perfect, but we do provide great service, we reply to emails as quickly as we can, we try to be as helpful as we can and answer any questions that we get asked.

Busama Entertaiment Agency have some amazing clubs listed on our Strippers Web portal in Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, Lafayette Louisiana & New York in the USA, Australia, Auckland & Wellington in New Zealand, are just to name a few, plus Malta, Paris, Copenhagen Denmark, Helsinki Finland, Lebanon, Cape Town South Africa.

We always have clubs joining us and we are trying to get more than 1 club in every location so it is not too far to travel from 1 club to the next in a certain area. We also offer 2 kinds of recruitment for Gentlemen’s Clubs.

So if you are a dancer somewhere in the world looking for some where else to go, just take a look at our website and check out the basic information on each club we have on there, you can then research each club online yourself & on our Strippers Web listings & on other Exotic dancer Forums where dancers talk to each other about their personal experiences.

Our agency is Australian owned but we are based in Thailand because we do other business here, we do not do any Gentlemen’s Club or Exotic dancer business here in Thailand at all, we simply have an office here & we love Thailand.

Looking to create a safe, secure, one stop recruitment tool and source of information for Exotic Dancers that like to travel.