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Busama Entertainment-International Exotic dancing jobs travel 2018

Our team at Busama Entertainment is always trying to find new and exciting locations and club destinations that we can list on our clubs page and offer more jobs to our International dancers. We are looking forward to what we can offer as International Exotic dancing jobs and travel in 2018. We are going to push […]

some nude dancing & stripper jobs clubs Brisbane Australia

For our Australian dancers, first timers to exotic dancing and for all of our international entertainers that are looking for jobs Bookings nude dancing and stripper jobs, we welcome you to come and Discover Brisbane, the sunny, highly developed capital city of Queensland in Australia, and entryway to its many famous attractions. Brisbane is a […]

The History of exotic dancing

The history of exotic dancing is lost in the mists of time, and how far back it really goes we do not know. We do however know from ancient cave paintings that it is likely to have gone on around 20,000 years ago, and you can see definitive proof of this by watching the dancing […]