Do I have to pay for all my own travel expenses?

Do I have to pay for all my own travel expenses

Do I have to arrange and pay for all my own travel expenses? Yes, none of the clubs listed on our website will pay for dancer travel up front. You will be required to arrange your own flights and visas to each destination.

Some clubs may offer some kind of flight money paid back deal depending on you working a certain amount of time in their club first. Most dancers contact us and plan months in advance for their travel so they can get the cheaper flights for booking early.

If there are clubs that happen to pay your flight for you and we do not work with any, you are usually under contract with them for a while or if you want to leave the club early because you might not like it there, you will need to pay the club back for the flight ticket.

Much easier if you book and pay for everything yourself, you are free to do what you like.