Upmarket Gentlemen’s clubs and exotic dancer jobs

Welcome to Busama Enews for June 2012. As usual we are continually trying to provide a bigger choice of upmarket gentlemen’s clubs and exotic dancer jobs for our entertainers. We are happy to announce that we are now booking a great club in Perth, Western Australia, plus the owners of the club in Mackay have now finally opened their big new venue in Townsville, Queensland, Australia which is really exciting. To top off the good news we have also added a couple of great clubs in Ontario Canada. Working holiday visas are available to exotic dancers from many countries so please ask us. The clubs in Canada are also providing sponsor exotic dancer visas for up to 4 month contracts.

Please don’t forget our other upmarket strip clubs in Brisbane and New Zealand. The clubs in Brisbane are busy right now and need more dancers. We are also surprised that you guys have not really looked at our bookings over in New Zealand yet. We recommend that you check those clubs out because you will make good money, and the clubs are great places to consistent money earning each week.

Busy New club opening in Townsville, Australia

It is June 2012 and we are excited to announce that we have added a few more top class gentlemen’s clubs to our already stunning line up. The owners of our partner club in Mackay have just opened their next strip club in Townsville on the east coast of Australia. This club is part of a big local hotel and is rumoured to be one of the biggest clubs of its kind in Australia. The club in Townsville opens around June 19th so if you are interested in going to check it out and make some money let us know as soon as possible.


Also just commenced working with a great club in Perth

Come and check out one of the latest additions to our partner club line up in Perth, Western Australia. Exotic dancers



Top clubs in Brisbane, Australia

Our clubs in Brisbane are busy right now but due to dancers moving around to our other venues; we need more girls to book in Brisbane.