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Apply on this page. Exotic Dancer jobs Pole Dancer jobs Hostess Jobs Application. JUST REMEMBER, our STRIPPER Agency services are FREE of charge, yes that’s right, we do not charge our dancers any money at all for our services, our clubs pay us our money, so why not try working with us, it does not cost you a thing. We are always trying to expand our strip club list worldwide.

We try to keep only the best clubs we can find on our website. If we work with a club and we get too much bad feedback from our dancers, we stop booking that place. Our business grows if our dancers are happy and make money. If our dancers make money then we make money. Just ask us for some advice about where you should go, we will always be honest with you. Different clubs might be good depending on the time of year.

To Apply, you need to choose a club that you like, then Click the “Apply for Job” button, on that club page and complete the application form.

You only have to complete your application form 1 time, then you can apply for as many clubs as you want, your Application form will auto attach to each club you apply to.

If you are looking to apply for work this is where you do it, you can click on the button below .This is also the Gogo Dancer and hostess job, choreographed dancing and other entertainers application, but we mainly hire Exotic dancers. We use the same application process for all of our entertainers. Sometimes we do not have any Gogo dancing or choreographed dancer jobs, so please ask us. Please fill in ALL the details on the application. Follow our tips how to apply for exotic dancing jobs.

These are the kinds of jobs that we book all year round. Even if you are a first timer, get in touch with us for a chat. Most of our jobs are for exotic dancers, but we do also get jobs for Gogo dancers, hostesses and other entertainers from time to time

Get Access to all of our International Gentlemen’s Clubs.

-Only Apply 1 time Send your application to as many of our clubs as you like
-All Dancers pay their own Travel and Accommodation Some clubs provide, please ask us
-Wide Range of Gentlemen’s Clubs all around the World Club info on each page
-Login From Anywhere… Apply – See clubs info – Book Dancing work
-FREE for Exotic Dancers. No Agency Fees
-Talk to other Dancers working with us Make Money $
-Tell your friends, We are ALWAYS Hiring Dancers. You don’t have to travel all the way across the world. Start in your own country or 1 close to you.

Try Working in our Clubs

We are ALWAYS Hiring we need Exotic Dancers in all of the clubs all the time, we cannot keep up

Lock in and get your Application in right NOW.

Very soon 2 things are going to happen…
1. We will keep getting more great Gentlemen’s Clubs
2. You could be on your way traveling to another exciting country we can even arrange Club tours Now is the time to act without any fear. Get access to our Clubs Choose 1 or more clubs you like Submit your Application we will contact you for a chat help you make a plan AND book you for some work Exciting stuff We need Lots of Dancers to fill all open dancing spots in clubs

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