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Policies & Procedures

Download our Business information our privacy policy our terms and services and visa information in pdf from below.


Busama Entertainment

Global Exotic striptease stripper dancing jobs agency Busama Entertainment. We are an online agency listing clean safe clubs that provide the opportunity to make consistent good money.

We do not charge any money to the girls or commissions, all the money you make you keep aside from what ever each club takes in fees which is standard. Basically we provide 1 website where you can check out lot’s of clubs around the World and submit your application to multiple clubs.

There is a huge population of Exotic Dancers that Love to Travel, check out new places and work in new clubs. Dancers from all over the Globe visit our website, looking for a new adventure and new jobs. LA or New Zealand, Caribbean or where ever you choose you want to go.

Visa Information

Depending on what country that you come from some of the clubs we book around the world may not take you unless you can get the correct working visas status. The most easy way to find out if you can is to just contact us and say hi, we will explain each club to you and let you give you links to where you can research Visa information yourself.

There are many rules about visas and some countries can apply for working visas to other countries. There is usually some other choices for how you can legally get to a country that you would like to go to, just ask us. We are not qualified Visa Consultants so we are Not qualified and not able to provide this information to you. We do always still suggest that you get in contact with a travel agent just to see exactly what you can and cannot do, and what you might need to apply for.



Download Policies & Procedures

PDF Information

Download our business information about who we are and how we work as an Global Exotic Dance Agency.

Terms of Services

Download our Terms of services so you can read and decide if you want to use Busama Entertainment services.

Privacy Policy

Check our privacy Policies so you can learn about our data and security practices on BUSAMA Entertainment

Contact Us

For more information and queries you can contact us through our email.

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