Global Exotic striptease stripper dancing jobs agency Busama Entertainment


Global Exotic striptease stripper dancing jobs agency Busama Entertainment. We are an online agency listing clean safe clubs that provide the opportunity to make consistent good money.

We do not charge any money to the girls or commissions, all the money you make you keep aside from what ever each club takes in fees which is standard. Basically we provide 1 website where you can create 1 application and submit it to multiple clubs.

We have girls working with us that may work 2 months a year or others all the time traveling. They call us and say he I am in LA or New Zealand or want to go, can you hook me up with a good club, and yes we do.

All dancers do pay their own travel and accommodations too unless the clubs provide it. But we help with suggestions on where to stay, try to hook you up with other girls that may be going at the same time etc

We get a lot of dancers asking us why they should join the BUSAMA Entertainment team and what do we do? Our partner clubs pay us directly to get dancers for their clubs.

This means we list the details of all the strip clubs that we work with on our website and we recruit dancers for strip clubs locally and internationally. If you book directly with the club you MISS OUT on the services we provide, and THAT IS A BIG DEAL.

If you have ever wanted to have an agent, now is your chance. We will be your agent, that’s what we do and who we are! Other agencies usually take money from you) Basically we provide a great service and we take care of everything for you.

Just remember We provide a free service to our dancers, our partner clubs pay us to have our dancers working for them, and our fee is not charged to our dancers as an extra fee either. So, all the money you make, you keep.

So all we ask is a little friendship and loyalty from the girls and that when they want to book into one of our clubs for either the first time, or the second time or more, that they contact us and let us arrange the booking for them.

That we we always get paid too, sound fair? Just communication is the most important.

We are your one stop shop when you are looking for your next exotic dancer booking in one of our upmarket Gentlemen’s clubs.

We provide the details of a bunch of upmarket clubs all over the world, all on one website and in one place. You only need to submit ONE application with us and we give you access to ALL of our clubs.

You don’need to keep applying to each club, we take care of all that for you.
We work with a lot of clubs and not just one so you have all the strip club information in one place.

Our partner clubs are all around the world so if you want to lap dance your way making money we can arrange it in one of our international partner clubs.

We get back to you very quickly and we are here to help with any questions you have about any club or country. So if you find yourself looking for some work while you are travelling, just drop us a message.

We DO NOT take any money from you, all the money you make, YOU KEEP!

Years of experience working in and managing night clubs and Gentlemen’s clubs, as well as working with and recruiting a very large number of dancers and hostesses just means that we can provide you with the best service and advice. Believe us, we know what we are talking about.

Things we are good at: Choosing great clubs, Recruiting exotic dancers, Providing ONE place online to choose from many clubs, Offering excellent advice about dancing work.

Our Mission is to become the biggest and best known Exotic Dancer jobs Travel Agency in the world. Providing great service, good advice and a fantastic range of upmarket Gentlemen’s Clubs for our dancers to work in all over the world.Spread the word about us, introduce all your dancer friends to us if they are looking for a working adventure around the world.