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Frequently Asked Questions at Bushama Entertainment

How much are your Striptease jobs Agency fees? There are so many agencies out there and all of them have a different working system.

Some agencies take a % of what the dancers earn and in return they might pay flight tickets and accommodation. Other Striptease jobs agencies take a set fee from the dancers for every night they work, so the girls have to pay the club and pay the agent too.

Busama Entertainment Striptease Jobs Agency provide a 100% Free service to Exotic & lap dancers worldwide. The only money you do pay is to the club and what ever their regular club fees and house fees may be. We do not ask our dancers for any money.

Usually it works out cheaper for the dancer to take a system like the one we offer, that way you can find the cheapest flights yourself.

If the clubs do not provide accommodation you can find cheap places to stay as well, then all the money you make is yours, except for the club fees, so it works out better for you.

Do the club meet me at the airport when I arrive? This all depends on the club you are applying to. Most of the time no one will meet you, we suggest that you do a little bit of research online before traveling, check out the best ways to get from the airport to where you are staying.

If the club does not provide accommodation and you are booking a hotel, many hotels provide an airport pick up service for free or for an extra fee, it could save you a lot of time.

Do I have to arrange and pay for all my own travel expenses? Yes, none of the clubs listed on our website will pay for dancer travel up front. You will be required to arrange your own flights and visas to each destination.

Some clubs may offer some kind of flight money paid back deal depending on you working a certain amount of time in their club first. Most dancers contact us and plan months in advance for their travel so they can get the cheaper flights for booking early.

If there are clubs that happen to pay your flight for you and we do not work with any, you are usually under contract with them for a while or if you want to leave the club early because you might not like it there, you will need to pay the club back for the flight ticket.

Much easier if you book and pay for everything yourself, you are free to do what you like.

Can I bring another Exotic dancer friend with me? I have a friend that wants to come and we would like to live together?

We always try our hardest to make your stay here as comfortable as possible so this is no problem. It makes sense traveling with one or more friends as you can spend less money on accommodation.

If the club provides accommodation then we will need to book your accommodation spots in advance to make sure you can stay together, otherwise you can book something close to the club online and share the cost between you.

Do I have to drink alcohol in the club? Not at all, if you want to drink soft drinks all night that is fine. A lot of dancers don’t drink when they work they need to keep focused on making money.

Some clubs offer commissions on drink sales & wine, Champagne, Spirits bottle sales, so you get paid every time you convince your customer to buy one.

Not all clubs do this and depending on which club you are applying to work in, it is up to you whether you participate in this incentive or not, but if you can you can make a lot of extra money.

Some clubs might choose not to hire you if you don’t drink (usually hostess clubs) because they make all their money from selling alcohol, and most of your salary bonus will be drink commissions so you wont make much money for yourself or the club.

Do I need to speak the language? Obviously every word you know of the language in a foreign country you are going to will be helpful in your everyday dealings and life.

However in our clubs a large number of our customers are either English speaking foreigners, or locals that can speak some English.

Being able to be polite and learning common work phrases in that particular language will of course be to your advantage financially.

What happens if I get sick? Just like you do in your own country or your own town, visit the doctors or take a trip to the nearest hospital.

We do therefore suggest every dancer purchases medical and travel insurance before leaving home that will cover them for the duration of their stay. (The dancer covers the cost of this.)

This can be purchased at most travel agents when you buy your airline tickets. We Highly suggest that you get this insurance for yourself.

It not only helps if you get sick, but also if your stuff gets stolen or the airline loses your bag or if you have any other unforseen problems, like a car accident for example.

What is the Exotic Dancer accommodation like? Certain clubs may provide accommodation, apartments, or a house with a few rooms in it.

Apartments can sometimes be smaller than what you are used to fitted with a small kitchenette, bathroom and a small balcony.

They do however try to make sure they are clean and supply all the regular furniture and fittings to make your stay comfortable.

We suggest you buy a SIM card for the place you are going to and get online and get your own number right away.

SIM cards can usually be bought at 7 Elevens or Family Marts or 24 hour stores like that, you just usually need to give them a copy of your passport to buy one so they can register the number to you.

Most apartments are furnished for two dancers to stay together and if the clubs provide accommodation they will charge you a reasonable rental fee.

If the clubs do not provide accommodation, we suggest looking on Airbnb or Booking.com to find some good cheap offers close by the club and you can book online yourself and pay.

What if I do not like the food there? Any major city, and has your regular fast food and international restaurants, also located close to by, and supermarkets that supply a lot of international food.

If you do have those special treats you really like though bring some with you just in case. Also if you have any food allergies we suggest that you also take your medication with you when you travel.

What should I bring with me? Below are just some suggestions, remember there are probably some things we may have missed off:

i. Appropriate clothing, check each destinations weather before you go for seasonal temperatures.

ii. Your dancing clothes – long and short dresses (every club has their own rules about Exotic dancer clothing and what you can wear during your shifts), g-strings, dancing/high heeled shoes. (Dancing clothes and shoes can be purchased at certain stores where you are going & depending on where you are going, you may get better deals there, but check first as you may want to buy at home before traveling)

iii. Purse – to keep your cash and tickets in whilst working.

iv. Make-up utensils and toiletries.

v. Your own pillow and sheets

vi. Towels (not supplied.)

vii. If you are bringing any electrical goods such as a hairdryer you will need an international plug adaptor that suits the place you are going to, make sure you check online.

viii. A guidebook – on that boring plane journey why not check out what you are going to do with your spare time.

ix. A language dictionary – its nice to be able to say ‘how ya doing’ to your new friends in their own language, and it shows some respect that you want to try and learn their language.

x. Bring your favourite music so you can dance to what you like. (the DJ will play almost anything you request however if you want a real slow song when the club is full with a busy happy atmosphere this may not be possible.)

xi. All relevant documents if you are traveling overseas – do not forget your passport, airline ticket and travel insurance details before leaving the house!!

xii. Relatives / friends phone numbers and addresses (remember to find out your country code for dialling home.)

xiii. Any foods for special dietary needs you may have.

xiv. Enough prescription medicine for your entire trip for any allergies or conditions you may have. xv. Cash/credit cards to see you through the first few days until you have started making money at the club.

Exotic dancing jobs What happens after I apply ? After you apply, The club you applied to will contact you directly, you can discuss everything with them and they can answer all your questions about working with them.

We offer 2 different Exotic dancing jobs recruitment options for the clubs. Sometimes our Agency Team may reply to you for certain clubs because we still take care of the recruitment for them ourselves.

How can I apply for the clubs on your website? All you have to do is either Click the “Apply” button on our website and follow the steps on our Quick Resume Creator, it will guide you through making your quick application, then you submit it.

Once you have submitted that Quick Resume, it will be saved on your private profile. Then all you have to do is go to each club page that you like and click the “Apply for Job” button and your Resume will auto attach. Do this for each club you like.

The Second way you can apply, is Go directly to the Club page that you like, Click the “Apply for Job” button, and our website will then guide you to our Quick Resume creator, follow the steps to create and submit your resume.

Once you have done that your resume will be sent to that club & it will also be saved on your private profile, so if you want to apply for more clubs, just go to those club pages and click the “Apply for Job” button and your resume will auto attach each time.

So you only need to use our Quick Resume creator 1 time and it is saved on your private profile. You can however create several different Resumes using the same method and then you can choose which resume to attach to that club you are applying to.

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