Stripper exotic dancing jobs Lafayette Louisiana USA

4000 US-90, Broussard, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
negotiable Expires in 6 months



PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME TO CLICK ON AND WATCH OUR CLUB VIDEO. Stripper exotic dancing jobs Lafayette Louisiana USA. This is one of the better clubs for Stripper, exotic, dancing jobs, in Lafayette, Louisiana USA

We have been concentrating on expanding into the USA lately, and here is one more lovely upmarket club for Stripper, exotic, dancing jobs, located in Lafayette, Louisiana USA. This club is very well run, the owner and management are very friendly and some of the most professional people that we have worked with so far.  The owner and management team go out of their way to take care of the girls here, and provide a great working environment and support the dancers in every way possible. Unlike some bigger clubs in big cities that can tend to be a less personal working experience, this club strives to ensure every dancer has the best experience possible.

This venue has been open for 17 years and is well established and very well known. The busy season for this club is October through to July. We Highly suggest that you come and try working here.

All this, combined with the potential for dancers that work here, to make excellent money every week, this the only club in Lafayette area and the best club for Stripper, exotic, dancing jobs,  in Louisiana state  USA, and we highly recommend you check it out.

All dancers that book with us, get a special deal when working at this club in Louisiana.

If you work a minimum of 21 days you:

  • Will not have to pay any house fee daily for shifts, the only fee’s you pay are tips of about $40 daily to staff
  • get free accommodation in a very nice private house
  • club takes girls to and from work each day
  • average earnings of around $300 to $1000 a night
  • get paid up to $400 back for your flight ticket after you complete the 21 days
  • WHAT A GREAT DEAL! and a lovely club.


Accommodation for dancers
free housing, free transportation ,no house fees, air port is 3 minutes from club, house is 11 beds and 4 baths, please click on video button on the top of this page to view dancer recruitment video. Website to show house and talk about accommodations

Days & times club is open
club hours Monday thru Thursday 5pm til 2 am, Friday 3pm til 2 am, sat 6pm til 2 am. closed Sunday

Days dancers must work
if a dancer works 21 days her travel will be reimburse, please ask how much, case by case basis. We are open 6 days a week, we ask that she work 5 days a week, two days off,

Dress regulations
dresses, gowns, costumes

Table dances
Private dances are $30 dollars, dancer gets $25, house gets $5

Private Room prices
Private rooms prices are $75 for 15 mins, 30 minutes $150 for girl, 1 hr is $300 for girl.

Just topless or Full nude
club is topless

How many stages
4 stages, the average time a girl will go on stage depends on the number of customers & the particular day & number of dancer working that day

Do you have poles on stage
I have 2 pole , 1 spinner, 1 static


How much do your dancers make
a good low average is $300 plus, really depends on the dancers skills. $2000 a night is not impossible. If a dancer cant make $300 a night she shouldn’t be dancing

Club fees
$40 dollars tip out total, $10 bar, $10 security. $10 DJ, $10 house mom
free transportation during stay to and from club, also airport. Air port is 3 miles from club , LFT . Lafayette Louisiana

Area surrounding your club
club and housing are in great areas for shopping, restaurants, gym etc.