Stripper jobs Exotic Dancer Jobs Wellington New Zealand

73 Courtenay Pl, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
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Stripper jobs Exotic Dancer Jobs Wellington New Zealand. This lap dancing club is the best club of its kind in Wellington and boasts that it takes about an 85% share of the exotic dancing market in town. Busama Entertainment is now recruiting entertainers for these lap dancer jobs and exotic dancer jobs at the number one strip club in Wellington, New Zealand. The club has an induction package for our lap dancers when they first start to work so they have a good understanding of the system and their club rules. Every dancer we have ever sent here says the place is excellent to work in and more importantly the money they make is great and they earn good money consistently.

These guys own 2 great clubs, one in Wellington and the other club in Auckland Central and Auckland City too so you could even work in all of the clubs if you like and do a little tour.

Grab a friend, we will send your applications to NZ for approval and book you in advance. Then all you need is a passport to get started.

Great club and good accommodation provided. You can do long and short stays like 2 weeks or more, and when you are away from home and working exotic dancer jobs in Wellington city, having a nice place to stay makes your trip a lot more comfortable. Exotic dancers from Australia should take full advantage of these bookings in New Zealand. If you didn’t already know, Australian dancers do not need a visa to work in New Zealand, just a passport. But we welcome girls from all over the world.

Please remember that we do not charge our dancers any booking commissions at all. This means that all the money you make is 100% for you. We provide a free service.

This club continues to promote themselves as the best lap dance club in Wellington that provides the best choice of lap dancer jobs and exotic dancer jobs. The club maintains a high level of professionalism, integrity and discretion and boasts a true team synergy among the staff and contractors who want to be the best they can, earning the best $$ possible in this industry.

The dancers at this club work in a fun, friendly and safe environment with the support of a very experienced management team. Your earning potential is only limited by your energy levels. You will love the flexibility that goes with working for yourself at Wellington’s most famous Adult Club.


Accommodation for dancers
The lodge is on the 3rd level of the same building as the club. It is situated in the heart of the city and the entertainment district. 1 minute walk to 24 hour shops and 5 minute walk to the supermarket.
The dancers will need to stay minimum 1 month and work 5 shifts minimum to get free accommodation. They will need to pay for the accommodation for the first month and a reimbursement will be given after 1 month. The price is NZ$250 including Wifi and power per week. There are 5 double bed rooms available and 7 rooms with 2 king single beds that 2 girls can share. Shared bathroom and kitchen.
Days & times club is open
• Monday 7pm – 3am
• Tuesday 7pm – 3am
• Wednesday 7pm – 5am
• Thursday 7pm – 5am
• Friday 7pm – 6am
• Saturday 7pm – 6am
• Sunday 7pm – 3am
Days dancers must work
Agency dancers are required to work a minimum of 5 shifts if accommodation is induced.
Also 5 shifts minimum is required to qualify for the airfare refund. Dancers who work for a period of 3 months will receive a one way flight ticket reimbursement upon providing an invoice. Dancers who stay for a period 6 months or longer will receive a full flight ticket reimbursement upon providing an invoice.
This will also depend on the agreement and or contract between the Agency and Dancer – Agency and Club.
Dress regulations
Dancers require to have 3 outfits to wear each night. These can be cocktail dresses and/or costumes. Sexy lingerie must consist of a set or the minimum be of the same color, G-Strings and garters are compulsory. No bikinis, denim, or cotton t-shirts.
Table dances
Table dances we do not do at our club, though we do have VIP booths where dancers may dance on the poles attached to the tables for tips, though the dancers are not allowed to remove any clothing.
Lap dance prices
The prices below is what the dancer takes home.

Private VIP Lap Dances Premier SPA Dances
10 minutes NZ$50 30 Minutes NZ$160
15 minutes NZ$65 60 Minutes NZ$250
20 minutes NZ$85
30 minutes NZ$100
60 minutes NZ$200

The club takes 45%-50%.
The club is a touching club, though no touching is allowed between the legs. There is no kissing, licking or any contact with the mouth.

Plus We do have house fees
$10 Sunday Monday
$20 Tuesday
$40 every other day

Just topless or Full nude
Stage shows:
1st song, dress must be taken off. 2nd song, bra set must be taken off. 3rd song, underwear must be taken off. The dancers earns tips while performing on stage. If 2 dancers share the stage, they must not cross over the half way mark on the stage to gain tips from customers at the other end of the stage. Half way through the 2nd song, the dancers will switch ends of the stage. This allows both dancers to gain tips and attention from both ends of the stage.

After the stage show, a one song tip round is done to collect tips from the rest of the customers in the club who are NOT sitting at the stage. Tip rounds are to be done topless.
Dancers are also required to perform a show of their choosing, utilising their skills to involve customers and raise the atmosphere so customers will tip more.
Dancers are required to go on a roster system to perform a shower show once a night. The shower has jets to direct the water away from the dancers face.
How many stages
Stage shows are based on a rotation scheme and may consist of approx. 6 – 10 shows a night.
Each show has 3 songs which the dancer must strip to. Stage shows are no touching.
Do you have poles on stage
Yes we have 2 poles on our stage.
1 pole is a spinning pole, the other is a static pole.
Yes, Dancers keep all their tips.
The club does not take commission on the tips the dancers make.
How much do your dancers make
Dancers usually earn around NZ$2500 – NZ$3500 per week, based on an average of 5 shifts.
This of course depends on the dancer’s work ethic and consistency of shifts.
Club fees
A house fee is charged to the dancer. These vary depending on which day they work.
Shift fees are as follows:
Monday $10, Tuesday $20, Wednesday to Saturday $40, Sunday $10

The General Manager will arrange for someone to meet the dancer at the club, so she may be shown to her room in the lodge.
In the evening or the next night, she will then be shown the club and an induction will be done.
Area surrounding your club
The club is located in the center of the entertainment district of Wellington.
Everything is at your doorstep.
We are associated with a gym. Restaurants, movies shops and supermarkets are only a 2 minute walk.