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We are now making dancers visas for the USA from January 2015, we have 50 dancer visa spots to fill in 2 different clubs, ask us for more information.

We are now ready to start the first phase of our Visas for Las Vegas. ALL NATIONALITIES CAN APPLY FOR THIS VISA: AS LONG AS YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS BELOW The visas will be entertainment visas, visas are valid for 3 years and can easily be renewed. All visa applications will be processed by a well know, professional legal firm located in Los Angeles. This firm has extensive experience getting Entertainment Visas for foreign workers. We are looking for girls with feature dancing experience, and have proof of this in writing, such as in some publication, or video proof, an Entertainers visa is quicker and easier to get. Also looking for applicants that have done adult videos, hardcore or softcore, and can produce their DVD’s and possible magazine proof, they also can get this entertainers visa

What is excellent about this entertainers visa, is, the girls can work anywhere in the U.S. (or any club in Las Vegas), as long as they are represented by us. It is a little costly, but, unlike H2B visas, the girls must pay the legal fees themselves. For our applicants that can prove the requirements, and who have written publicity about themselves as either feature dancers or adult video stars, this is a virtually guaranteed approval process that takes 6-8 weeks. The new lawyer is willing to evaluate each candidate’s written publicity free of charge, to determine the likelihood of her approval for the entertainers visa. He has done so many of these that he is extremely accurate in determining the qualifications of each candidate.
We are still working on the other visas for everyone else, but we could probably take up to 50 or 60 girls on these visas asap. Contact us here asap. Fee’s will be paid directly to the Legal firm, fee will be around US$2500, to $3500 per per son for the 3 year visa.

We are still working on the other visas (DIFFERENT KIND OF VISA FROM ABOVE) for the rest of the applicants and will try to have them ready to apply for in less than a few months. The other visas are only for 9 months at a time as stated in this information, and no, or very little cost to apply for.

Stripper jobs in top Las Vegas strip clubs: USA EXOTIC DANCER CLUB PLACEMENT TRIAL WITH PROPER WORKING VISAS. All countries on the list below are welcome to apply:

We will soon be able to process proper dancing visas through our new partner agency in the USA. Check out the offer for the USA deal below and tell us if you are interested.  We have been looking for years to try to find someone who can do working visas for exotic dancers to the USA, and let us book our dancers into Stripper jobs in top Las Vegas strip clubs. We have partnered with the owner of the biggest strip club chain in the world, and once we fill Vegas, we will start working with other beautiful clubs all over the USA.

THIS LIST IS WHO CAN APPLY FOR THE H2B VISA. THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE VISA MENTIONED AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE.Effective from January 18, 2011, Foreign Nationals who are from the countries listed below are eligible to apply for and obtain H2B visas in 2011 (If your country is not on this list then you cannot apply for the visa yet sorry)

Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Belize, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Kiribati, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Nauru, The Netherlands, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Samoa, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Tonga, Turkey, Tuvalu, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Vanuatu. Of these countries, the following were designated for the first time this year: Barbados, Estonia, Fiji, Hungary, Kiribati, Latvia, Macedonia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

The contracts for Las Vegas will be 9 months,

Each girl is entitled to 1 week off after every 6 weeks worked. She is able to leave the U.S. for this week if she likes. If she decides to take additional time off she is responsible for paying 1 week of fees for every 2 weeks off of work. Unless these payments are received in a timely fashion, her visa will be terminated and she will not be eligible for future visas. So as long as they comply with this regulation, they are free to come and go as they please, However. if they average less than 3 weeks per month of work, the club has the option of terminating their visas, since the U.S. Labor Dept. requires that this to be full time work under the terms of this visa. They could still quit before the 9 month period as long as she pays for half of the remaining time.

Once a visa spot has been allocated to a dancer, that spot cannot be transferred to anyone else, so it means if you leave early that spot is wasted. This also means, that visa spot is gone and the guys in Vegas lose money.  You WILL make money there. All details will be explained when they call you, and you can decide then if you still want to apply.

If this works it could be pretty good for all Australian and other dancers. Dancers who are under 21 are welcome to apply, it just means that you cannot drink alcohol and can only work in the Little Darlings club.

The visa process for these great club opportunities is still being worked out. So if you are interested in going to dance in Las Vegas we expect the next visas hopefully before 2014, but it may be next year. We have been waiting a long time already, but we are still excited about this opportunity. These visas are for 9 months and you will need to stay and work for all of the 9 months. Of course if you decide that you want to leave early you can do so, but you will forfeit your visa and you will not be able to get another visa after that. Once you have been given a visa then that visa spot is taken, it cannot be given to anyone else.

We would like all dancers that are interested in Stripper jobs in top Las Vegas strip clubs to APPLY NOW!
All dancers that have already applied  for other bookings please email us to let us know that you are interested.

  • We need to send your application and pictures to the USA for approval. If you get approved we will then be asking you to send us a copy of the details page of your passport.
  • Once we have sent your application we will give you an answer within 3 days. If you are approved then you will receive a call from our partner agency in the USA within 2 days. After you speak with our partner agency in the USA they will send you your visa paper work very soon after.
  • When you speak to our partner agency in the USA they will explain to you exactly what you need to do and say for in your visa interview at the USA Consulate and they will give you all the documentation you need.
  • Once you have your visa paperwork we will then refer you to our immigration lawyer that specialises in US immigration law. The attorney will then collate your application and will organise the rest of the process for you. The attorney will cost a small amount of money (not much) but it will be worth it and should ensure a very smooth application process. You will be asked to make your visa appointment with your nearest USA Consulate which should not take long at all.
  • Once you have your visa and if you are approved you can then book your flights and go to dance in Las Vegas and make money.

The dancers weekly commission to the US agency will be collected by each club weekly. If commission is not paid the US agency will cancel your working visa.

The visa spots will go quickly and there is only a limited number of visas, so if you want to reserve a spot for a later time we suggest you apply right away.

Dancers pay per week, every week: (we realise the cost but if you want to work legally in the USA you can)

  • Weekly commission to USA agency: $200
  • Rent: is around$125 per week but could be more or less, depending on where you decide to stay and how many other dancers people are living with you. The US agency will recommend the best and most affordable, clean and safe accommodation for you to stay
  • Club fees: Anything up to $90 per night (or less), fees depend on what time of day and what shift they are working.
  • Girls have to work 5 days a week and 3 weeks out of the month, the week they don’t work commission still has to be paid but only 1/2 so it would be $100 instead of the $200.

We pretty much cover Stripper jobs in  a couple of the Top Las Vegas strip clubs, so the dancers can pick a club to work at. There is a list of clubs below, and it will be updated soon.

This is what one of our dancers (who lives in Las Vegas) told us when we asked her to give a realistic figure of how much dancers can make per week working in clubs in Vegas:

“Depends on the club, shift, and the amount of hours she puts in.
But, at one of the top 4 clubs, you can definitely make anywhere from $3000-$6000. I average about $3500, but am also quite a lazy girl who likes to leave early;)
Thank goodness for my charm and quick wit, eh? ;-)”

Here is the list of the clubs that we will be booking in Las Vegas

  • The Hustler Club (This is a $35 Million  Ultra Luxury Club. To give you an idea, they have sky boxes for customers to rent at up to US$5,000 per hour
  • Vince Neil’s Girls Girls Girls
  • Showgirls
  • Little Darlings (this is the club for dancers who are under 21 years old)

All dancers please spread the word and tell all your friends. Just make sure that your country is on the list at the top of this page, before you apply.


Is it a multiple entry visa or once we leave the country does it becomes invalid?

YES it is a multi-entrance visa but you need to stay for the 9 months.
Do we need to remain at the same club for the whole time we are over there or can we move around?

We book all clubs the visa is for ALL of the clubs on the list above in Las Vegas not just 1 club

Do we have to choose the club before we go over or can we wait till we arrive and visit them all?

The girls can choose once they arrive, they need to do auditions at the clubs they wish to work for.

What’s the contract like? and the rules for what I’m allowed to do and not do?

There are a set of rules for all clubs not all are the same, girls once they get to a club they are going to be working at they ASK for a set of rules.

How long are the visas for?

All the visas are valid for about 9 months

Can I apply if I am under 21 years old?

Yes of course you can. As long as you are at least 18 years old you can apply for the working visa for the USA. It just means that you are not allowed to drink alcohol in the clubs at all. The legal drinking age in the USA is 21 years old.

We are always hiring, we have so many clubs.
We are always hiring, we have so many clubs.

We have so many amazing upmarket clubs all over the world! We are always looking for dancers, send us your application today, talk to us.

Who is Busama Entertainment?
Who is Busama Entertainment?

Take a look here at who we are, see what Busama Entertainment do and if you want to, we can introduce you to some of our dancers

See all of our amazing clubs around the world
See all of our amazing clubs around the world

We have so many upmarket and amazing clubs all over the world, and the list keeps on getting bigger each year. So many great places to travel to.

We book ALL of the top clubs in New Zealand, plus amazing clubs in Australia, Asia, The U.K & Europe, Caribbean, South Africa. We are now making proper dancer working visas for our clubs in the U.S.A, so ask us TODAY, & let us be your international dancer jobs travel agency!

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