Tips How to apply for Exotic dancing jobs

Tips How to apply for Exotic dancing jobs. We get thousands of Exotic dancing applications every year and most of them are not suitable for what each employer/ Gentlemen’s Club is looking for, so we have to either decline their application immediately or ask them to do it again if we think that Exotic Dancer may be suitable with a better application.

When you apply for an Exotic dancing job you should treat it the same way as you might apply for any job. Your application should be clear, present well, be professionally written and should present you as an Exotic dancer in the best possible way.

Take some time before you make your application follow these Tips How to apply for Exotic dancing jobs, and get all this information together and once you have it all then do your application online. There is not much point in applying for a job with limited details and poor quality pictures. We are very surprised and sometimes shocked by the standard of the applications that many people submit on our website.

It just depends on how serious you are about getting the job. Club Managers and employers simply do not have time to go through applications and contact people to ask them to apply again, if your application is bad and unclear you will simply get declined, but if you take a little bit of time and care when making your Exotic dancing application you will increase your chances of being noticed and the possibility of getting accepted/ shortlisted. Use our Tips How to apply for Exotic dancing jobs.

Employers/ Gentlemen’s Clubs have businesses to run and customers to satisfy. Everyone is looking for the right dancers to join their team at each club and will not settle for less than what they are looking for and the standard and look of the performers they are hoping to attract to their club. When you work in a quality Gentlemen’s club you are pretty much representing the image of that venue. If you have tried your best and spent some time preparing your application and you get declined, then at least you know you tried.

The reason you get declined may only be as simple as you having too many tattoos, or that you simply do not have the right look that club is hiring for. But even if you look good, if you send in a crappy application with terrible pictures and no information, you are asking to be declined.

Adding Pictures

What to do: The pictures/ Photo’s that you attach to your application will say the most about you, so make sure you have a few pictures that you can use to apply for exotic dancing jobs. Clubs and agencies DO NOT want professional pictures that are photo shopped. The best images to take are 1 full body picture showing your body head to toe from the front (Wear a nice bikini or something similar, may be a 2 piece matching under wear set for example), the clubs need to see your face and figure clearly, so make sure the pictures are taken in sunlight or a very well lit room.

Then take another full body picture from the back, showing your body head to toe from the back. The third picture should be a clear head shot, showing your full face clearly. We suggest that you spend a bit of time putting on some make up as well. Remember that you will only have to do this once, and you can save these pictures and use them to apply to many clubs and many agencies if you want to.

The other thing is you should make sure that your pictures are recent, and by recent we mean taken in the past few months. If you had long hair and cut it short or if you have put on weight or lost weight then you should make a new set of pictures to use to apply with. You may have had your boobs done or had some kind of cosmetic surgery since you made your last set of application pictures.

What NOT to do: Whatever you do, do not just send your random pictures of yourself with friends at a party, or you in a messy bathroom in your PJ’s, do not send animated pictures of your face with dog ears and dogs noses using Apps on Facebook and any other crappy animations that are available, it just makes your application get declined on the spot.

Do not send a picture of just your face and then another picture of just your ass, no one is interested in that.

Make a Short intro video

To really make your application stand out to employers/Gentlemen’s Club recruiters, we suggest that you make a short 10 to 20 second into video. Video is the most effective and clear way to apply for exotic dancing jobs, video is clear and video does not lie and shows exactly what you look like at that time.

Like we have suggested when making pictures, your video should show your full face and full figure clearly. Also before you make your video we highly suggest getting some make up on and wearing a nice bikini or matching under wear set. If you have someone else that can record the video for you then great, if you do not have any help, all you do is use your phone, put your phone down on a chair or table or somewhere and make it stand up. Push record, then step back so that your full body is in the frame. All you need to do is introduce yourself, say your Stage name, how old you are, what country that you are from, what your basic experience is like “Hi, my name is Sophie, I am 21 years old, I am from Australia and I have 3 years’ experience as an exotic dancer, Go go dancer and I have worked in Sydney, and Europe, and I would like to work in your club. Then turn around and show your full body from head to toe at the back and then walk back and click your phone to stop recording.

Obviously like selfies you will probably go a bit crazy and do it a few times until you get the video that you like the most, but remember you can save it and use it to apply many times. Video applications have the highest success rate.

When you attach a video to your application on our website the only people that see it are us and whatever club that you are applying for, we do not save your video or put it online or share it to anyone else at all.

List your experience clearly

If you have experience as an exotic dancer then please provide the basic details of your experience like “ I have been an exotic dancer for 5 years, I have danced in many clubs in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA or where ever you have been dancing”. It really helps employers/ gentlemen’s clubs to see that you are experienced.

If you have no experience at all and you are just trying to get started as an exotic dancer in the industry then say that, if you have done any pole dancing classes or have any previous dancing experience in other dance styles, or if you have had experience performing on stage, all that information is good to list on your application. If you are starting out and have not yet done any pole dancing classes, we suggest that you do a few, just to learn a few moves and feel a bit more comfortable by the time you need to do an audition on stage at a club.

If you are not ready to apply then do not apply, sending a shitty unprofessional application will just get you deleted, I mean why would an employer/ agency or club reply to you if you cannot be bothered to submit a professional application. So if you are wondering why no clubs are hiring you or why you are not getting any replies to your applications, you now know why.